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Two manufacturing workers stand in front of machinery.
Overview of U.S. Government Manufacturing Workforce Programs
This report provides a brief outline of several federal government workforce development programs that are open to participation from foreign investors and U.S. Economic Development Organizations (EDOs).
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Value Proposition Toolkit for Economic Developers
Leveraging SelectUSA’s expansive resources and connections, this toolkit provides economic developers with resources to design and deliver a strong value proposition.
Startup workers sit around a computer screen.
Accelerating Support for Startups in the United States
This report uses quantitative and qualitative analysis to examine the current accelerator landscape in the United States.
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A Snapshot of Founders and Investors Bringing Women in Technology to the United States
This report employs qualitative analysis to explore the experiences of three woman-led foreign-owned technology companies that recently invested in the United States, as well as four investors in venture capital and angel investing.
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Engaging with Postsecondary Education on Workforce Development
This brief is designed to introduce ways in which companies and post-secondary educational institutions can engage on workforce development to create a pipeline of potential employees.
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FDI and IP Innovation in the U.S.
This report explores the contributions in innovation of top foreign direct investments (FDI) in the United States.
Man sits in front of another man across a table during a job interview.
FDI and Employment
The report, published by the Department of Commerce, provides an update to the methodology originally devised by Richards and Schaefer (2016).
Sunset behind giant windmills producing energy.
Understanding the Renewable Energy Market
This brief explores the U.S. renewable energy landscape with a focus on the U.S. electricity sector.
Red and silver batteries in rows.
Industry Guide: Advanced Battery Industry
As part of SelectUSA’s efforts to highlight significant trends to international operators and investors, this chapter will survey the current North American battery supply chain, noting most of the active companies and the areas ripe for growth.
Person holds up a medical devices screen.
Medical Devices and Biopharmaceuticals Report
This report provides investors with an overview of greenfield investment opportunities in the United States by highlighting key trends in the U.S. Medical Devices and Biopharmaceutical industries.
Two female bakers stand in front of a rack of bread.
Small Business Case Study
This report employs qualitative analysis to explore the experiences of five small foreign-owned companies that recently invested in the United States.
A hand clicks on a screen with tech lights and bubbles floating.
FDI in High-Tech Industries
This report highlights the role FDI plays in high-tech industries in the United States. These industries advance innovation, employ millions of highly skilled and highly educated workers, further U.S. competitiveness, and contribute to greater prosperity across the country.
Manufacturing facility with heavy duty machinery.
FDI in Manufacturing
This brief highlights the important role foreign direct investment (FDI) plays in the $5.8-trillion U.S. manufacturing industry, exploring trends, sources of FDI, components of the sector, the impact of FDI, and the reasons why the industry is attractive to global investors.
Farm silos sitting in a field, rural America.
FDI in Rural America
This report highlights the positive impact of FDI in rural areas of the United States. While FDI in rural areas is a small subset of all FDI entering the country, it has a larger impact on rural communities than urban areas.
Man works on tablet in work room.
Reinvesting in the U.S.
This report uses qualitative analysis to explore the experiences of six companies that chose to reinvest in the United States.
Floating robot manufacturing arm floats between a man's palms.
Robots and the Economy
Innovation in manufacturing, such as automation, is key to industry global competitiveness. Foreign direct investment (FDI) in manufacturing in the United States represents 40.1 percent of all FDI in the United States, and automation plays a key role.
Man in overalls works on laptop, small business owner.
FDI from Small Businesses
Little formal research exists on FDI from small businesses. This report fills this research gap by exploring the experiences of small foreign-owned firms operating in the United States, as well as the considerable economic impact of
these firms on the U.S. economy.