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ACCESS: Review or Submit AD/CVD Proceedings Documents

Review or Submit AD/CVD Proceedings Documents

ACCESS is the repository for all documents filed in an AD/CVD proceeding conducted by the U.S. Department of Commerce, Enforcement and Compliance. ACCESS provides the capability for registered E-Filers to submit documents to the record of an AD/CVD proceeding, search for and view all Public Documents and Public Versions. Authorized E-Filers may also access Business Proprietary Documents released by Enforcement and Compliance, as appropriate. Registered Guest Users may search for and view Public Documents and Public Versions. 

If you are having difficulty with your ACCESS account, contact the ACCESS Help Desk at (202) 482-3150 or via email at ACCESS@TRADE.GOV for assistance.

Important Update: Enforcement and Compliance is temporarily modifying certain requirements for serving documents containing business proprietary information in antidumping and countervailing duty (AD/CVD) cases, to facilitate the effectuation of service through electronic means. These temporary modifications will be in place until further notice. Please click here to read the complete temporary final rule, extension notice, summary, and additional information.

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