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QIZ Jordan

Qualifying Industrial Zones - Jordan

Presidential Proclamation 6955 established QIZs in Jordan, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip on November 21, 1996.

For products co-produced by Israel and Jordan and/or exported through the West Bank/Gaza Strip, country input shares must total 35% of the appraised value of the product at the time it enters the United States:

  • For Jordan:  11.7% of value of materials;
  • For Israel:  8% (7% for high-tech goods); and
  • Remaining 15.3% may come from any combination of input from a Jordanian QIZ, Israel, the United States, and the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Note: the U.S.-Jordan FTA rules of Origin require that Jordanian exports to the United States must have 35 percent Jordanian content in order to receive FTA duty benefits.

The first Jordan QIZ, Irbid Qualifying Industrial Zone, was created in November 1997. Subsequently, the following zones have been designated in Jordan, by agreement between the Government of Israel and the Government of Jordan: the Gateway Projects Industrial Zone, and the expansion of the Irbid QIZ in November 1998; the Al-Kerak Industrial Estate, the Ad-Dulayi Industrial Park, and the Al-Tajamouat Industrial City in September 1999; the Industry and Information Technology Park Development Company (Jordan Cyber City Co.), and the Aqaba Industrial Estate in August 2000; the Mushatta International Complex, and the Al Qastal Industrial Zone in November 2000; the Hillwood-Hashemite University LLC (“Zarqa Industrial Zone”), and the expansion of the Ad-Dulayi Industrial Park in March 2001; the Al Hallabat Industrial Park, and the expansion of the Al Tajamouat Industrial Park in July 2003; and Shoubak, Shouneh Wistah, Madaba/Dalilet, Irbid/Al-Westieyn, and Al-Tafileh in January 2009.