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IPL Group   |   Zona Libre de Colón, Colón   |   Ave. El Comercio, Coco Solito, Edificio IPL Group

Contact: Demóstenes Pérez   |   +507 6615-3999   |   |

Description: Complete logistics operator, they provide international and local transportation services, storage, inventory management, pick & pack, value-added services, sales order management, international and local dispatches. They are specialists in regional distribution for Latin America and provide visibility and security in their processes and operations through their systems. They have more than 25 years of experience working for North American companies in the Colon Free Zone.


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Petrosolutions Holding Group  |   Panamá Oeste   |   Urb. El Espino, Edif. Terpel, Piso 2, Corregimiento Feuillet

Contact: Lourdes Fong   |   +507 6616-0034   |   |

Description: The company offers a wide range of specialized services to meet their clients’ needs, from electrical services to installation and maintenance of air conditioning systems, including logistics for power plants and civil works. They stand out for providing comprehensive engineering and operational solutions, covering everything from design to project execution of any scale. Additionally, they facilitate permit processing to ensure regulatory compliance. With a focus on quality and efficiency, they also provide transportation services to support our clients’ logistics. Trust them to meet all your needs with excellence.