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Music “Opportunities in the German Music Industry” - A2IM/MDCP 2022 Webinar Series

Description: Webinar will provide a music market debrief on Germany and upcoming opportunities. This is an opportunity to learn about market opportunities, trends and relevant music industry resources in Germany. The targeted audience are A2IM members, U.S. music companies/organizations including record labels, musicians, artist managers, publishing companies, etc.

Registration: Attendance is free but registration is required. 

Date: Wed. Feb. 23, 2022 at 11am ET

Location: Virtual - Cisco WebEx

Partners: A2IM/MDCP

MDCP Contact  Marisel.Trespalacios@trade.gov

“London Book Fair”


Description: The second largest publishing fair in Europe, after the Frankfurt Book Fair. The fair hosts 150+ U.S. publishers. 

Registration: www.londonbookfair.co.uk 

Dates: Apr. 5-7, 2022

Location: London, UK

Partners: Combined Book Exhibit (USA Pavilion)

Cheryl Withers, CS London, Cheryl.Withers@trade.gov 

Amy Magat, CS Los Angeles Amy.Magat@trade.gov 

Bobby Hines Bobby.Hines@trade.gov   


Publishing“Paris Livre”

Description: In 2022, the event will be a literary festival instead of a trade fair. The size will be smaller. The show organizer would like to focus on French editors. A few countries will be part of the festival. They will exhibit their books at their cultural center or foundation. Note that in France there is no U.S. cultural center. There will be no USA pavilion this year but the Commercial Service in Paris would like to organize a virtual catalog display right after the event (date TBC).

Registration: www.plevenements.fr

Dates: Apr. 21-24, 2022

Location: Grand Palais Museum, Paris, France + other locations for the international pavilions.

Partners: SNE (French Association of Publishing)

Valérie Ferrière, CS Paris
Amy Magat, CS Los Angeles 
General Media & EntertainmentNAB 2022

Description: NAB Show is an annual trade show produced by the National Association of Broadcasters. The show’s tagline is “Where Content Comes to Life.”

This show is TEPP approved. 

Registration: https://nabshow.com/2022/

Dates: Apr. 23-27, 2022

Location: Las Vegas Convention Center

Partners: National Association of Broadcasters

Amy Magat Amy.Magat@trade.gov

Christina Parisi ITA Event Lead Christina.Parisi@trade.gov

Vartika Varshney Vartika.Varshney@trade.gov

Music“Opportunities in the UK Music Industry” - A2IM/MDCP 2022 Webinar Series

Description: Webinar will include a UK music sector overview including trends, popular music, genres, etc. It will also cover UK government programs designed to support this sector, IP/copyrights protection, and key industry players and topics such as royalty collection agencies, VAT/taxes, etc. The targeted audience are A2IM members, U.S. music companies/organizations including record labels, musicians, vinyl records manufacturers, artist managers, publishing companies, etc.

Registration: Pending, if interested please contact Team Lead.

Date: Tue. Apr. 26, 2022 at 11am ET

Location: Virtual - Cisco WebEx

Partners: A2IM/MDCP

MDCP Contact  Marisel.Trespalacios@trade.gov
Music“Indie Week 2022”

Description: The American Association of Independent Music (A2IM)’s Indie Week is a four-day international conference and networking event aimed at maximizing the global impact of Independent music. Featuring keynotes, panels, exclusive networking sessions, and more, Indie Week has historically drawn an attendance of over 1200 participants from over 30 countries.

Dates: June 13-16, 2022

Location: In response to COVID-19, A2IM took Indie Week online in 2020 and 2021. The 2022 event will most likely be a hybrid conference with more in-person participation expected. 

Partners: A2IM/MDCP

MDCP Contact  Marisel.Trespalacios@trade.gov

A2IM - (601) 408-9131

MusicReeperbahn Festival

Description: Reeperbahn Festival is Germany’s largest music platform for the music and digital industry. The Reeperbahn Festival Conference offers industry professionals a program that includes ~100 sessions with ~300 speakers, networking events, meetings, showcases, and awards shows.

Registration: https://www.reeperbahnfestival.com/en/conference/about
*U.S. companies and A2IM members can get a discount given that the U.S. is partner country in 2022. Please contact Team Leads. 

Dates: Sep. 21-24, 2022

Location: Hamburg, Germany

Partners: Reeperbahn and A2IM

MDCP Contact  Marisel.Trespalacios@trade.gov

Elizabeth Walsh
U.S. Commercial Service
Frankfurt, Germany

Susanne Wiedemann
U.S. Consulate General Hamburg 

PublishingFrankfurt Book Fair 2022 / Messe

Description: The world’s largest publishing trade fair for international deals and trading. It is organized by Frankfurter Buchmesse GmbH. The fair has attracted more than 2,000 exhibitors and 36,000 visitors. The fair hosted 75 U.S. exhibitors in 2021 (the USA Pavilion had 55 exhibitors). Key issues / topics: Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), international licensing requirements, political dialogue, export competition in foreign markets to include rising costs of printing, digitalization, academic publishing, etc.

Registration: https://www.buchmesse.de  

Dates: Oct. 19-23, 2022

Location: Frankfurt, Germany

Partner: Borsenverien (organizer)

Ulrike Riegeler, CS Frankfurt

Elizabeth Walsh, CS Frankfurt

Amy Magat