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Winning Deals in our Region
The MEA Team helps American companies compete for major projects through the official U.S. government Advocacy, the MEA Team's and Advocacy Center's Gulf Impact initiative and the U.S. government interagency "Deal Teams" program.

MEA Deal Teams

Deal Teams

Build Back Better Program: The President’s vision for B3W is to work with partners that share our democratic values to finance and develop infrastructure in a manner that is transparent, sustainable, adheres to high standards, and catalyzes the private sector where possible. B3W focuses on strengthening infrastructure in climate, health and health security, digital connectivity, and gender equity and equality, but recognizes countries’ infrastructure needs are dynamic.  You can learn more about B3W.

Express Leads MEA (ELMEA)
MEA is currently piloting a new early lead dissemination solution called “Express Leads MEA (ELMEA)”.  Through ELMEA, we send project leads exclusively to export-ready U.S. companies within six key sectors: agribusiness, energy, healthcare, information and communications technology, aerospace and defense, and infrastructure.  Companies not already on the list can email to be vetted and added to the list.

Advocacy Center
MEA works with the International Trade Administration’s Advocacy Center to help U.S. companies win foreign government contracts across the globe.  You can find your MEA specific Advocacy specialist at.  

We work with your company to pursue foreign government contracts in our region.  Advocacy assistance is provided to businesses of all types and sizes, but you must apply and qualify to receive advocacy services.  Advocacy assistance may involve:

  • Meetings between key foreign decision-makers and high-ranking U.S. Government (USG) officials
  • Direct support from USG officials stationed abroad
  • Letters to foreign decision-makers
  • Coordinated action by USG agencies 

Gulf Impact

The Gulf represents one of our most important regions for official U.S. government advocacy supporting U.S. companies bidding on government contracts.  Given this, and because American companies now face increasing competition from foreign companies in the Gulf, particularly in the IT and infrastructure sectors, MEA and the Advocacy Center have led the “Gulf Impact” initiative since 2020.  This is a Commerce-led effort to pro-actively bring priority Advocacy cases and other deals over the finish line through the identification and execution of high-impact G2G engagement, with the goal of increasing the number of contracts won by U.S. companies and increase the number of U.S. companies bidding on contracts in the Gulf region.  If you would like more information on Gulf Impact, please contact the Advocacy Center.