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Market Intelligence
Hong Kong Green Building Event

Connect with the green building market in Hong Kong at the International Conference on Advancing Net Zero, November 23-26, 2021. 

Design and Construction Services Hong Kong
Market Intelligence
Hungary Employment Trends

U.S. companies seeking job-market related information may be interested in learning that demand for skilled workers and gross wages are on the rise in Hungary.

Employment Services Hungary Labor
Market Intelligence
Kuwait Construction

Kuwait Promotes Public-Private Partnerships with New Law

Design and Construction Services Kuwait
Market Intelligence
China Healthcare Facility Construction

China’s market for hospitals and senior center construction is large and growing, but government limits on procurement pose a challenge for U.S. firms.

Healthcare Facilities China
Market Intelligence
Guatemala Prison Infrastructure

The Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) approved US$300 million to implement Guatemala’s Justice Sector Investment and Modernization Program.

Construction Services Guatemala
Market Intelligence
Costa Rica Public Infrastructure

Cost Rica infrastructure projects such as train systems, airports, highways, ports, bridges, and water treatment present opportunities for U.S. companies. 

Urban Planning and Design Costa Rica Contracts
Market Intelligence
United Kingdom VAT Policy Changes

The British Government introduced a new model for the Value-Added Tax (VAT) treatment of goods arriving into Great Britain. 

Business and Professional Services Europe eCommerce
Market Intelligence
Croatia Water and Wastewater

Croatia, supported by the European Union, will invest $2.6 billion in construction and development of water and wastewater systems. 

Design and Construction Services Croatia Export Potential
Market Intelligence
United Kingdom High Speed Track Tender

A United Kingdom tender opportunity in a search for contractors to deliver four lots of High Speed rail tracks totaling in value $2.5bn. 

Construction Equipment and Machinery United Kingdom Tendering
Market Intelligence
Ukraine Infrastructure Plan

Ukraine’s plan to modernize and repair the country’s transportation infrastructure envisions a budget of $60 billion to be invested in roads, railways, airports, and sea ports.

Building Products Ukraine Air Transport
Market Intelligence
Oman Mining
Industries Oman Environment and Natural Resources
Market Intelligence
Mozambique Electric Utility

Mozambique’s state-owned national power utility is undergoing a large-scale transformation program. 

Electricity Infrastructure Mozambique Export Potential