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How to File an AD/CVD Petition

How to File an AD/CVD Petition


In order to file a successful AD/CVD petition, a petitioning U.S. industry must provide a reasonable basis to believe or suspect that dumping and/or subsidization of a particular product is occurring, that the domestic industry has suffered “material injury or threat thereof,” and that there is a causal link between them. There are six main areas of a petition. Click on each area below for more information.

Sample Guidelines and Other Resources

The guidelines for an antidumping or countervailing duty petition will help you begin to understand the types of information you will need to gather to prepare a petition and how to organize the information.  This slideshow provides additional background on Commerce and USITC AD/CVD investigations.  The sample outline (link to destination page) of a petition may also help you to understand how information is organized in a petition. For further information on AD/CVD petitions, visit the Frequently Asked Questions page.

What is the imported product covered by the scope of the petition?
Domestic Like Product
What is the product produced in the United States that is most "like" the imported product covered by the scope?
Industry Support
What is the required level of industry support for a petition and how is it measured?
Evidence of Material Injury and Causation
What is "material injury" and what evidence do you need?
Dumping Allegation
What information is necessary for the allegation of sales at less than fair value (i.e., dumping)?
Subsidy Allegation
What information is necessary for the subsidy allegation?