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Shipping and Logistics
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Ghana BSP Shipping and Logistics

Shipping and Logistics 

Halifax & Associates Ghana Limited

Halifax & Associates services in Ghana

Contact: Mr.  Kingsley Tettah Padi (CEO)
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Tel: +233-24-463-7921

Our mission is to establish ourselves as Ghana’s Premier Logistical Bridge. With our offices situated in West Africa’s most stable emerging market, we started our business journey focused on Protocol Logistics, Meetings & Scheduling, Asset Protection and Government Liaison. As our organization’s footprint grew with foreign partnership and expansion of provider offerings that has allowed H&AGL to provide local and international clientele with critical services such as Customs & Port Support, Construction and Real Estate Development, Executive Housing, Car Rental, Pharmaceutical Import & Export and Agricultural Logistics.  
In a volatile logistical landscape where security and trust are necessary, and agile solutions are required, no problem is too big for Halifax & Associates Ghana Limited (H&AGL) to solve.