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Education Trade Mission to Brazil
Join the U.S. Commercial Service on an Education Trade Mission to three cities in Brazil: São Paulo, Fortaleza, and Salvador, April 11-15, 2023. In addition, participants will have the option to participate in the EducationUSA Roadshow activities and continue to additional cities, upon separate registration.

Education Trade Mission to Brazil

The United States Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration, U.S. Commercial Service is pleased to announce an Education Trade Mission to three cities in Brazil: São Paulo, Fortaleza, and Salvador, April 11-15, 2023. In addition, participants will have the option to participate in the EducationUSA Roadshow activities at each location and continue to additional cities, upon separate registration.

The Commercial Service Education Trade Mission will begin in Brazil’s commercial capital of São Paulo, before moving on to the bustling NE cities of Fortaleza and Salvador. The program will include embassy briefings, one-on-one appointments with potential partners, and networking and cultural events in each of the three cities to recruit Brazilian students to the United States and facilitate partnerships between U.S. and Brazilian education institutions. 

This mission seeks to connect new to export U.S. Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs), including minority-serving institutions such as Historically Black Colleges and Universities, to university/institution partners, foundations, education consultants, and potential students in Brazil.


Mission participants will:
•    Gain market exposure and find potential partners in the three major metropolitan cities of São Paulo, Fortaleza, and Salvador.
•    Assess current and future business prospects by establishing valuable contacts with prospective study-abroad consultants, potential students and educational institutions.
•    Develop market knowledge and relationships leading to effective student recruitment strategies and potential partnerships.


The mission is designed for:

  • Regionally accredited higher education institutions
  • Study state consortia whose members are also appropriately accredited at the regional level. 
  • Trade associations/organizations

April 10, 2023
•    Arrival São Paulo

April 11, 2023: São Paulo
•    Country Briefing
•    Business-to-Business Meetings
•    Student Fair (EducationUSA Roadshow participants*)
•    Consular Reception 

April 12, 2023: São Paulo to Fortaleza
•    Arrival in Fortaleza
•    Cultural Event

April 13, 2023: Fortaleza 
•    Business-to-Business Meetings
•    Student Fair (EducationUSA Roadshow participants *)

April 14, 2023: Fortaleza to Salvador
•    Arrival in Salvador
•    Cultural Event 

April 15, 2023: Salvador
•    Business-to-Business Meetings
•    Student Fair (EducationUSA Roadshow participants *)
•    Program concludes

April 16, 2023
•    Departure 



  • $2,450 USD non-profit institutions (1 representative)
  • $3,550 USD for-profit institutions (1 representative)

+$350 USD per additional participant per institution


This trade mission provides a unique marketing opportunity for U.S. companies providing complementary products and support services to the U.S. international education sector to connect with representatives of U.S. colleges and universities and U.S. education technology companies interested in the international student market in  Brazil.
Your organization will have an opportunity to:
•    Promote your brand, products, and services to approximately16 participating U.S. educational institutions.
•    Network with U.S. Commercial Service officers in Brazil.
•    Directly engage with U.S. educational institutions.
•    Engage with Brazilian education sector stakeholders, including students, agents, and university representatives.
Marketing Partner Benefits at Every Level
View our marketing partner levels below. Customized partnership opportunities may also be available. 

Sponsorship Level








Advertisement in Trade Mission Brochure

Full Page

½ Page

¼ Page

Special Podium Recognition at Event

Broad Company Recognition- Company name/logo featured in advertisements (i.e., program collateral, signage, website, press releases, social media, etc.)

Exposure to participating representatives from 15 U.S. Educational Institutions


Complimentary ticket to one event.  Choose from (Reception, Breakfast, Lunch and/or Dinner Admission -  Complimentary Tickets to 1 event).




Consultations with Senior Commercial Officers, Trade Specialists, LES, etc.


Display Space at B2B Matchmaking Venues. (Maximum of two standup banners).




Opportunity to sponsor a breakfast, lunch, dinner, and/or reception



Head Table Seating with Distinguished Guests at Key Event





1. How do the B2B meetings work? Can I choose my own meetings?

CS will be asking you to provide a brief profile of your institution, including academic programs your institution or company is focused on and what kinds of business relationships you would be open to consider. We will be asking our  Brazilian contacts to do the same. A major thrust of our program is to introduce you to like-minded entities for one-on-one business meetings, which we often refer to as “B2B meetings”.

About three   weeks ahead of your travel, our Commercial Specialists will send you a list, with profiles attached, of potential Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), education agents, and other sector stakeholders from which you can choose to request a meeting. We will also be providing a list of our delegations, along with the profiles you submit, to our  Brazilian contacts as well to understand their interest in meeting with individual delegations during the mission.
We will do our best to match you up in advance with appropriate meeting counterparts. Of course, there will be some constraints related to demand and availability of slots, but all efforts will be made to match you to relevant and interested parties with which you can meet to discuss opportunities.
These meetings will be an exceptional opportunity to get firsthand input about the education market in the specific city/region from local stake holders. After you have submitted your list, we will go ahead and schedule one-on-one meetings for you at each city. We plan to arrange up to 4  meetings in each city, depending on the availability of time and resources. The total number of meetings may vary from city to city, as well.
2. Who are you contacting in Brazil? How do I know they will be relevant to me?

We will be targeting graded schools that are interdisciplinary in nature as a rule. We will also be contacting universities offering specializations that we will bring to you for consideration. We will, of course, provide insights as to how and why these entities might be of particular interest to you, but it will ultimately be your decision as to who you agree to meet with and the topics you wish to discuss. As noted above, we will be sending you a list of schools, agents, and other stakeholders well in advance of your travel. Our Commercial Specialists will be in regular contact with you or your office to discuss suggested meetings, hear your recommendations and feedback, and update you on the progress.

3. Can I visit other schools, companies, or individuals not on the program?

Yes. We  have been and will continue to reach out to universities across Brazil as we constantly seek to expand our relationship base with Brazilian HEIs. If we did not include an HEI or other entity that is of interest, we would welcome suggestions from you and other delegates as to who you are particularly interested in meeting. As we discussed during our initial counseling calls, we have made immense efforts to reach out to Brazilian HEIs that we believe are well positioned to partner with and succeed with U.S. HEI counterparts. Again, if there are specific HEIs or other sector stakeholders that you will want to meet, we will do our best to recruit those entities so that you can meet with them under the auspices of the Trade Mission.

4. Can I do a side visit to a potential partner not on the Trade Mission agenda?

As mentioned earlier, the B-2-Bs are pre-scheduled meetings that you select with advice and counsel from our specialists. In addition to those we suggest, you can include other entities that are known to you. Our objective is to include well-regarded universities and other sector stakeholders in São Paulo, Fortaleza, and Salvador and from the surrounding areas in the Trade Mission program. In short, if there is a school of particular interest to you that does not appear on our list, we will make every effort to recruit that institution and arrange a meeting along the terms that you desire.
Should you wish to deviate from the Trade Mission program for a short period, we will do what we can to  assist you in making necessary arrangements. We may not be able to guarantee a U.S. government escort to any meeting not described in the itinerary. CS would not cover any additional costs arising from outside meetings, including ground transportation. This flexibility is available to you at any of the Trade Mission stops.

5. Is international travel open to US citizens across Brazil? Do I need to provide you with my itinerary?

Once known, please provide the CS team your international flight schedule. If you choose to arrive prior to Monday, April 10, 2023, we do ask that you transfer to the specified hotel in Sao Paulo Monday, April 10, 2023, so that we can get an early start on Tuesday, April 11, 2023. 
We will continue to monitor COVID related travel requirements. Currently, as of February 2022, Brazil does not have any testing or quarantine requirements for full vaccinated travelers from the United States. We will continue to monitor this situation.  

6. Do I need a visa to enter Brazil? 

U.S. citizens traveling to Brazil for tourism or business purposes are exempt from visas by the government of Brazil. For current entry and customs requirements for Brazil, travelers may contact the Brazilian Embassy. Travelers can also find out more about Brazilian consulates in the United States.      
7. How to I participate in the student fairs? 

The student fairs are part of the EducationUSA Roadshow, a separate by parallel event. You must register separately for these activities at:  

8. What about domestic travel within Brazil?

We are making recommendations on various flight options between cities that allow us to complete scheduled activities for each city. It is your responsibility to book and ticket your own domestic flights. CS will arrange for ground transportation as indicated in the Trade Mission program. Any ground transportation outside of those as defined will be at your own cost. Note: rideshare services such as Uber are plentiful and convenient. 

 9. Will you be arranging hotel accommodations?

We are advising the hotels that will be providing venues for many of our meetings and events to block rooms for the delegation. This is dependent on us having a full, timely, and accurate count of travelers from the participating institutions. We will provide instructions prior to you making travel arrangements on how to access this block of rooms and any favorable room rates we are able to negotiate on behalf of the delegation.
We understand if you choose to not stay at the specified hotel at any of the Trade Mission city stops. We would like to know where you are staying in case of emergency or other scenario that requires us to contact you quickly when not attending Trade Mission events or functions.
If there are special needs for any individual traveler, please advise your travel planner. Generally, the Commercial Service staff is not authorized to ask for confidential or highly personal information. However, if there are strong concerns, we are happy to discuss this with you and we will strive to do our best to help your travel arranger in accommodating individual delegates’ needs.
Upon arrival at the hotel in your city of first arrival there will be a welcome kit supplied by the CS team. Each kit will include details of the Trade Mission schedule, along with important contact phone numbers and other helpful information. If you are not provided with a welcome kit upon arrival, please ask the CS team, and one will be provided.


For more information please contact the U.S.-Based Team 

Jennifer Woods – Director 
U.S. Commercial Service – Knoxville, Tennessee 
Office: 865-338-3783 
Cell: 865-393-6099 

Rachel Alarid - International Trade Specialist 
Industry & Analysis, Office of Supply Chain, Professional and Business Services 
Phone: 202-482-5154 
Cell: 202-684-1096 

Isabel C. Dávila - International Trade Specialist 
U.S. Commercial Service - Miami, Florida  
Phone: (786) 568-7124 

Stephanie Bethel – International Trade Specialist 
U.S. Commercial Service – Greensboro, North Carolina 
Phone:  336-500-7518