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Duty Drawback and Refunds
A series of videos to help the exporter understand the background and history, types of, and changes to the of duty drawback program. 

Duty Drawback and Refunds

This series of videos help the exporter understand the background and history of duty drawbacks, the types of duty drawbacks that can be claimed, and upcoming changes to the duty drawback program. 

Duty Drawback

The first video introduces the duty drawback. You will learn about the purpose and benefits of a duty drawback, the U.S. drawback industry overview (such as the CBP Program at a Glance), geographic parameters, who qualifies for a drawback, and types of drawbacks.    


The Potential of Duty Drawback

In this video, learn to determine and quantify duty drawback potential, understand data elements, and look at potential drawbacks in the future.  


Drawback Legislation and Regulations 

This video will help you understand the goals behind duty drawback simplification legislation, the biggest changes with TFTEA Drawback Legislation, drawback time frames (Core vs. the Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement ACT of 2015), problems when there are no regulations, the interim guidance document, and how to take advantage of duty drawback and refunds.