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Digital Business Solutions for Exporting Series
May 13: Website Globalization
June 17: Social Media Tools
July 15: Using Live Online Events
August 26: Using Real Time Video Connections

Digital Business Solutions for Exporting Series

Digital Business Solutions for Exporting

4-part series with our eCommerce Innovation Lab

Each session covered a specific digital strategy a company can use when looking at their international business outreach efforts.

  1. Introduction to Website Globalization for Manufacturers, May 
    Driving business to your company with an effective globalized website and learning from an American small business that has found global success through their dynamic website.
  2. Social Media Tools to Market your Manufacturing Business Overseas, June
    Discussing importance of content creation in the appropriate cultural and language context from a peer who has adopted these strategies to enter and succeed in new markets.

3)    Using Live Online Events to Market Manufacturing Technologies, July
– Exploring avenues for manufacturers to host live and recorded online events for current or potential customers including products/service demos and new product launches. Speakers touched on delivery platforms and hear from peers to see which they utilize to reach a target audiences successfully.

4)    Using Real Time Video Connections to increase Export Sales and Support Your Customers, August
- Learning how to utilize virtual reality and real time video to connect with reps and customers for sales discussions, support, post-sales service, installation and training.


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