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Global Public Affairs  |  Toronto ON

Contact: Elizabeth Wagdin  |   1-416-979-3360   | |

Description: Global Public Affairs is Canada’s leading privately held strategic communications and government advocacy consultancy. With offices across Canada, we represent the largest corporate sector organizations in the country, touching on all facets of the national economy. We are a team of experienced consultants who work seamlessly across jurisdictions, guiding organizations through complex public policy challenges. We draw on our expertise as senior leaders in government, media, private and non-profit sectors to provide first-hand knowledge of Canada’s unique public policy and administrative framework. We build a tailored approach for each client – strategies that are mindful of the end goal and balance the particular commercial objectives and culture of our clients and their organizations.


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McMillan Vantage Policy Group   |   Toronto ON

Contact: Karl Baldauf   |   1-416-903-0572   |   |

Description: McMillan Vantage Policy Group is the only Canadian public affairs and strategic communications consultancy anchored in a national law firm. We provide expert counsel to companies considering expanded trade opportunities with Canada, or that may be looking to re-locate or expand into Canada. When you have a pressing Canadian business challenge, are looking to enter the market, or need to communicate with the Canadian federal and provincial governments, McMillan Vantage has the senior expertise with a deep understanding of what you need to know, when you need it most.

Government relations & lobbying: Through broad government experience and a large network of contacts, McMillan Vantage brings concerns to the attention of politicians and policymakers at all levels of government. McMillan Vantage:

  • Supports your need to understand how to maneuver Canadian governments, as you seek to understand the full breadth of services that may be available to you, and regulatory hurdles that you may need to overcome.
  • Strategizes and executes knowledge-based, practical, and measurable government relations strategies that solve immediate problems and provide long-term benefits. 
  • Crafts narratives and engagement programs that address pressing challenges and get people, governments, regulatory and permitting bodies onside.

Policy & regulatory analysis: McMillan Vantage can help reduce bureaucratic or political delay, avoid regulatory uncertainty and add value to your business. McMillan Vantage delivers:

  • Sophisticated subject matter expertise on the policies and regulations relevant to sectors including energy, transportation, infrastructure, trade, healthcare, telecommunications, manufacturing, financial technology, financial services, aviation and procurement.
  • Impactful policy materials, simply communicated, that resonate with governments, regulators and the voters who matter to them.
  • Seamless access to McMillan LLP when requiring formal legal counsel to manage regulatory regimes, business law compliance, mergers & acquisitions, restructuring, relocating, and other significant corporate changes.

Communications & social impact: We build corporate brands and make their policies, issues and causes a priority for private sector, government or public action. McMillan Vantage:

  • Champions Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) as a platform for doing business differently, delivering both social and business returns. 
  • Builds and protects reputation through brand building PR, executive profile building or the immediate management of issues and crisis.
  • Elevates issues of importance reinforcing direct lobbying activities using all owned, earned and paid communications channels.

When a business faces regulatory, policy or public opinion challenges, it does not think of practice areas, it looks for solutions. McMillan Vantage and our business law affiliate, McMillan LLP provide such integrated business solution.

Our partnership with Shumaker Advisors in America puts McMillan Vantage in an optimal position to facilitate trade and foster partnerships and opportunities. We work seamlessly to develop cohesive strategies, planning and execution on both sides of the border.

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