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The U.S. Commercial Service’s Featured U.S. Exporter Service

Effective, Affordable Local Promotion Worldwide

Do you already know which markets you want to reach, but don’t speak the language or are uncertain about how to promote your company locally? The U.S. Commercial Service’s Featured U.S. Exporter Service (FUSE) provides U.S. companies with a high-volume, local-language promotion channel in over 50 markets worldwide and in over 15 different languages.

Local Language Promotion, Improved Visibility

FUSE is an online directory of U.S. products and services featured on U.S. Commercial Service websites around the world. It gives companies an opportunity to reach prospects in the local language of the target market.

How It Works 

  • For a low annual subscription rate, your company’s profile is featured, in English or the local language, in the FUSE directory of the market(s) in which you are doing business.
  • Local buyers, distributors, and agents see your company’s profile and send inquiries to our local office.
  • After confirming the local company’s viability, purchasing interest, and contact details, we send you the sales lead for follow-up.

For more information or to activate your listings, contact a U.S. Commercial Service office near you.  

Find Your Local Office


Participation Fee

The fee for the service is based on company size.

Eligibility and Pricing

You must be an export-ready U.S. company seeking to export goods or services of U.S. origin or that has at least 51% U.S. content to utilize this service. 

  • The fee for a Featured U.S. Exporter listing is $150 (for 5 markets or $30 per market) for small companies1, $350 (for 5 markets or $70 per market)for medium companies2, and $500 (for 5 markets or $100 per market)for large companies3.
  • The fee for interpretation is $50 per language for translation if needed.

To learn more about the Featured U.S. Exporter, connect with your U.S. Commercial Service local office.


1  Must qualify as a “small business” under the  Small Business Administration’s size standards, which vary by North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code. Fees listed also apply to U.S. Economic Development Organizations (EDO) and Non-profit Educational Institutions that purchase ITA services for their own use. For example, when an EDO requests a Gold Key Service (GKS) to promote itself as a tourist destination, it will be charged the small company fee. If, however, an EDO requests a (GKS) to promote a U.S. company’s goods/services, the size of the company will be used to determine the fee.  
2 Must have less than $1B in annual revenue (including affiliates: parent, child, subsidiaries, divisions, etc.) to qualify.
3 All U.S. businesses that do not qualify as a small or medium enterprise.


Qualifications for Participation

This program is offered to clients of the U.S. Commercial Service.

If your company is not a client of the U.S. Commercial Service but is interested in learning more about our export promotion services, please locate your nearest Export Assistance Center. Most companies with a U.S.-made product available for export overseas will qualify for assistance.

Typically, U.S. exporters will use our services to seek a manufacturer’s representative, distributor, buyers, or franchisees in non-U.S. markets.

We may decline the following for posting to overseas U.S. Commercial Service websites:

  • Products of companies that do not provide complete or accurate information when registering.
  • Products which, in the local market for which a posting is requested, are currently not viable due to local market regulation or other conditions.
  • Products which, if listed in a particular local website’s directory, may hurt the overall effectiveness of the website by offending local norms.
  • Products of companies without a functioning online presence (website or webpage), such that we are unable to obtain an appropriate image.

The final determination of the suitability of a listing will be made by the management of each U.S. Commercial Service overseas office for which a listing on the local website is requested, or by the Featured U.S. Exporters Program Manager.

If you are unsure if your company qualifies for participation, please contact a Trade Specialist at your nearest Export Assistance Center.


Products Not Eligible for FUSE Directories in Certain Markets

U.S. Commercial Service offices in these markets are generally able to accept any product for listing in its FUSE directory that a USEAC is allowed to promote: Austria, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland

In some markets, the U.S. Commercial Service is unable to list certain products on local websites, even if promotion in other markets by the U.S. Commercial Service is permitted.

In such cases, U.S. companies registering for the FUSE service will not be charged the posting fee for any markets selected if the product cannot be posted to the local website.

Ineligible Products

Ineligible Products by Country

The U.S. Commercial Service offices in these markets are unable to post products that fall into the categories listed after the country name.

Ineligible Products By Product Type