Jean Janicke

Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Trade Policy and Analysis
Industry & Analysis

Jean Janicke is the Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Trade Policy and Analysis. In this position, she is responsible for economic analysis, data collection and dissemination, and trade policy activities designed to increase U.S. exports of manufactured products and services.

Jean joined the International Trade Administration in 1994 as a Presidential Management Fellow. She has spent most of her tenure as the Director of the Office of Trade Negotiations and Analysis, where she helps set priorities for U.S. trade policy initiatives, trade negotiations, and trade disputes. She has also served as the Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Industry and Analysis, led trade agreement outreach from the Under Secretary’s office, served as an advisor at the U.S. Treasury Department, and as Director for Market Access in the U.S. Trade Representative office.

Jean has department awards for Trade Policy & Analysis, Miscellaneous Tariff Bill Review, ITA Coaching Program, Trade Deficit Report, and TTP Task Force. She was also recognized as an outstanding supervisor in 2015.

Jean has a Master’s of Public Policy with a concentration in International Trade and Finance from Harvard, and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Virginia.