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AES/EEI Regulations Training Videos
How to submit Electronic Export Information.

AES/EEI Regulations Training Videos

These videos will help exporters to understand the Automated Export System (AES), the legal requirements for filing an AES, the process on how to submit your Electronic Export Information (EEI) to AES, and the use of authorized agents as an option to filing the EEI.

This video explores situations when the EEI is and is not required, and demonstrates how to prepare to file your EEI.


The Automated Export System, the Legal Requirements for Filing AES

Learn what you need to know about the Automated Export System and Foreign Trade Regulations. This video covers filing methods, such as the current AES process flow, and includes direct screenshots.


The Authorized Agent as an Option for Filing the EEI

This video discusses using a freight forwarder as the EEI.