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Aerospace Data Tips & Sources
Learn how to customize the aerospace and defense data visualization tools to get the most out of them for your firm. And learn about our data sources.

Aerospace Data Help Page

Aerospace & Defense Data Tools - Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Access Tooltips?
Hover over a data point (bar, line, dot) on a graph or chart. PowerBI needs a second to start rendering them, and you may need to move the cursor slightly vertically to trigger it.

How Do I Clear/Reset the Selections Within a Slicer/Filter?
With the slicer in focus (click in it) click the little eraser icon in the upper right corner.

aerospace data slicer showing how to reset by clicking on the erasure icon
Data Slicer

How Do I Export Data?
In the toolbar for the report (at the top of the page), click on the first and/or second icons to see available export options (pdf, ppt, excel, etc).

Data toolbar with export and expand table options
Data Tooltip

Watch the Help Video

Aerospace Data Visualization Help Video

What Are the Data Sources Used for This Tool?

  • Trade Flow Tab:  General Imports and Total Exports - USDOC, Bureau of the Census, Foreign Trade Division.
  • M3 Aircraft and Parts Shipments Tab: Defense and Non-Defense Aircraft and Parts, NAICS - USDOC, Bureau of the Census (
  • Employment Tab:   Employment, Hours, and Earnings from the Current Employment Statistics Survey, Bureau of Labor Statistics, ( Series ID: CEU3133640001 and CEU3133460006.
  • Defense Total Exports Tab:  USDOC, Bureau of the Census, Foreign Trade Division.