Office of Materials Industries

OMI focuses on activities geared to increasing the competitiveness of the U.S. building products and chemicals. OMI also undertakes industry analysis, participates in trade policy development and trade negotiations, conducts extensive trade promotion programs abroad, and evaluates the impact of domestic and international regulatory policies on the U.S. building products, chemicals, and metals industries. OMI works with other Department of Commerce units and other U.S. agencies to address international market access challenges encountered by U.S. exporters. A key to the successful efforts of OMI and other I&A offices is our strong working relationships with industry trade associations and individual companies within the building products and chemicals. Please contact us regarding any competitiveness issues your company or trade association may have.

What We Do:

  • Serve as ITA lead for two public-private export expansion partnerships under the Market Development Cooperator Program: U.S.-China Build, a partnership with Evergreen Building Products Association; Standards and Codes for Green Building, a partnership with ASTM International.
  • Serve as ITA lead for three Industry Trade Advisory Committees to ensure U.S. industry‚Äôs voice is included in trade policy development for the building products, chemicals and forest products industries.
  • Serve as ITA co-lead for U.S. government-led green building standards projects in the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation forum.
  • Represent ITA in numerous U.S. government interagency working groups geared to advancing the competitiveness of OMI industries.
  • Develop and recommend U.S. policy positions for multilateral and bilateral discussions related to the U.S. building products and chemicals.
  • Provide information, trade data, and industry analysis to the U.S. business community, policymakers, and trade negotiators.
  • Provide export assistance, including advocacy and business counseling, to help U.S. building products and chemicals exporters penetrate new international markets, increase export market share, and resolve specific market access and development challenges.

Advisory Committees:

OMI regularly seeks the input of Industry Trade Advisory Committees (ITAC) members to enhance the competitiveness of U.S. industries. OMI currently serves as ITA lead for three ITACs:

  • Industry Trade Advisory Committee on Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Health/Science Products and Services (ITAC 3)
  • Industry Trade Advisory Committee on Forest Products and Building Materials (ITAC 8)