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Market-Specific Information - Asia/Pacific - APEC

The APEC Sub-Committee on Standards and Conformance (SCSC) assists the Committee on Trade and Investment to achieve the standards and conformance related components of APEC's trade and investment liberalisation and facilitation agenda.

APEC-ASEAN Conference on Green Building: September 11-13, 2011; Singapore

APEC Conference on Aligning Energy Efficiency Regulations for ICT Projects September 12, 2011; San Francisco

APEC Conference on the Implementation of Energy Management Standardization: September 13-14, 2011; San Francisco

APEC Conference on Trade Impacts of Standards and Conformity Assessment for Solar Technologies: September 15-16, 2011; San Francisco

APEC Workshop on Ensuring Photovoltaic (PV) Reliability and Durability: October 12-13, 2011; Taipei


March 2010- Plenary meeting of the Sub-Committee on Standards and Conformance