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Medical Device Regulatory Information

Country Regulatory Profiles
Regulations for Pre-Owned Medical Devices
Argentina (9/4/2006) South Korea (10/02/08) Global Import Regulations for Pre-Owned Medical Devices
Brazil (09/23/08) Malaysia (10/2/08)  
Canada (03/02/06) Mexico (03/20/02)  
Chile (03/01/06) Peru (5/10/06)  
China (9/8/2006) Poland (4/27/00)  
Colombia (05/02/05) Russia (2/9/07)  
Czech Republic (3/15/07) Saudi Arabia (3/8/06)  
Egypt (02/15/08) South Africa (04/11/06)  
European Union (02/13/06) Switzerland (04/04/02)  
India (1/10) Turkey (02/17/06)  
Israel (6/09/06) Venezuela (9/23/08)  
Jordan (3/21/08) Vietnam (12/23/05)  
Kenya (4/3/08)    

Laws and policies change frequently. If your experience has been contrary to the processes described in any of the Profiles, please let us know, so that we may provide more accurate information. No company or individual would ever be mentioned by name.

Disclaimer: The information contained on this website is derived from public sources and is current to the best of our knowledge. For detailed and definitive information about a country's laws and policies, the government of the country concerned should be consulted.

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