Key Industry Publications

FCIB International Credit and Risk Management Online Course

FCIB, an association of executives in finance, credit, and international business, offers a course on international trade credit management. This link provides additional information on this course.

J.P. Morgan Report on Impact Investing

Impact investing blends philanthropy and traditional investment goals toward solving some of the most enduring social and environmental problems while at the same time providing a return and diversification for a varied set of investors. This report, by J.P. Morgan, identifies and describes this investment sector.

Impact Investment Primer

This paper, by AMP (Accelerating Market-Driven Partnerships), describes the intersection of impact investing and international development, including its history, key players, and their different approaches to leveraging impact investing for economic development.

Private Equity Growth Capital Council (PEGCC) research page on US private equity

The Private Equity Growth Capital Council (PEGCC) provides some of the most extensive source of research and data on US private equity investments.

Financial Globalization: Retreat or Reset

Drawing on McKinsey Global Institute's proprietary database of financial assets in 183 countries, Financial globalization: Retreat or reset?, McKinsey analyzes and discusses contrasting globalization trends in the financial services sector. Financial globalization, following the global financial crisis, appears to have slowed in some sectors and this report discusses whether this is a longer-term trend and what its implications may be for global economic growth.

This paper, by the US Chamber of Commerce, provides a broad overview of the US financial system. It describes the variety of financing sources available to both individual consumers and businesses, and the considerations that lead a consumer or a business to choose a specific financing source. The paper then discusses how this variety of financing sources provides benefits to the economy.