International Credit and Risk Management Online CourseCreated by FCIB in partnership with the US Department of Commerce and Michigan State University.

FCIB, the premier association of Executives in Finance, Credit and International Business, offers a unique educational opportunity to export professionals and companies. FCIB has developed an on-line course in international credit management with a Market Development Cooperator Program grant awarded by the US Department of Commerce in 2001. The FCIB on-line course, which was unveiled in September 2003 with much success, helps US firms, especially SMEs, develop the credit management skills they need to compete and succeed in the international marketplace such as offering competitive export financing and credit to overseas buyers, assessing risks, and effectively using risk mitigating tools and techniques. Upon successful completion of the course, participants will have the opportunity to take the online certification exam and be awarded the "Certified International Credit Professional" designation.

FCIB Information

Founded in 1919, FCIB (An Association of Executives in Finance, Credit and International Business) is the authority in global business credit, representing more than 1000 corporate members and executives responsible for international credit and finance management in 55 countries. FCIB is headquartered in Columbia, Maryland, and maintains operations in Europe, China, Mexico, and Canada. As a subsidiary of the National Association of Credit Management, FCIB enjoys a global reputation as a business educator and premier provider of business credit intelligence to exporters of every size - from small and midsize manufacturers to major multinational corporations. FCIB received the President's E Certificate for Export Service in 1970 and the President's E Star Award for Export Service in 1982. FCIB also assisted the US Department of Commerce in 2008 with the publication of The Trade Finance Guide: A Quick Reference for US Exporters To see FCIB's press release, click here.

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