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Vehicle Sales


In compliance with federal regulations, sales data for individual manufacturers is not available from the U.S. Department of Commerce (or any other federal agency).   Two often quoted industry sources are: Automotive News, a weekly newsmagazine, telephone 313-446-6000, and Ward's Automotive Reports, a weekly newsletter, telephone 810-357-0800.

The Department's Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) offers a self-extracting spreadsheet on its web site that contains the following total-industry tables:

        Tab 1     Domestic auto unit sales
        Tab 2     Foreign auto unit sales
        Tab 3     Domestic light truck unit sales
        Tab 4     Foreign light truck unit sales
        Tab 5     Heavy truck unit sales
        Tab 6     Light vehicle and total vehicle sales
        Tab 7     Domestic auto unit production
        Tab 8     Canadian and Mexican auto unit imports
        Tab 9     Auto unit exports
        Tab 10   Domestic auto unit inventories, seasonally adjusted

Data for most sales series are shown from January 1967 through the current month.   All other series are available from January 1967 through the current month.  

The table below, Motor Vehicle Sales and Expenditures, was extracted by this Office from several BEA tables that include data on total auto and truck sales, in units, of domestic and imported vehicles; average transaction expenditures for cars; dollar value of retail sales by motor vehicle dealers, parts stores, and gasoline stations; and total personal expenditures in the USA for a variant of automotive products and services.   Also provided are several macro economic measures for comparison.   The links provided within our summary table will take you to the relevant BEA National Income and Product Accounts table, from which you may obtain the latest available data.

For a directory of all of BEA's National Income and Product Account Tables, you may switch to the BEA web site by clicking here.

BEA is constantly revising and updating its data sets.

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