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NOTICE of Change in Trade Data Tables
The Office of Aerospace and Automotive Industries' Automotive Team has for several years prepared its own tables of U.S. export and import trade data by compiling our own grouping of products from the official Bureau of the Census trade database. We do not rely upon readily available data that is published with products grouped at the four-digit level of detail by the Harmonized Tariff Classification system for imports or by the parallel "Schedule B" used for exports. Instead, we select and retrieve product categories at the greatest possible level of detail, ten-digits, and then combine them into our own product groupings. Doing this allows us to exclude certain parts and to include certain parts, so that we can more closely approximate the core automotive parts industry. For example, we do not include parts specifically made for motorcycles in our definition.  A copy of our motor vehicle definition is available here and our parts definition is available here.

Readers should realize that OAAI is not the only, nor the “official,” U.S. government source for trade data on the auto industry, nor are we able to produce custom data runs for the public. Persons seeking data for individual or different product codes are welcome to utilize at no charge the data retrieval system operated by the USITC to access the federal government=s official trade data base. Please note, some of the data on the trade database may be restricted from the public. The ITC's retrieval system, Trade DataWeb, can be accessed at < http://dataweb.usitc.gov/scripts/user_set.asp > .

The Census Bureau publishes aggregated data on the auto industry on a less-specific, more comprehensive 4-digit level, as part of its Congressional mandate to publish official statistics on all U.S. trade. You may go to here for additional background on the trade publications and services offered by Census. 

In addition, the Census Bureau's monthly press release, "FT900-U.S. International Trade in Goods and Services" includes a table for trade in motor vehicles and parts with selected countries. Product coverage is similar, but not identical to our own. You may access the current month's table here

The complete text of the monthly press release, as well as previous monthly press releases and annual revision data is available here. Automotive Trade Data

Download Automotive Trade Data 1999-2008 - Adobe Acrobat format

Download U.S.-Japan Automotive Trade Data 1986-2008 - Adobe Acrobat format

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