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SABIT in Europe
Information on SABIT’s programs in Europe.

SABIT Europe

SABIT in Europe & Eurasia

The U.S. Department of Commerce’s SABIT Program works through strategic industry sectors, such as agribusiness, IT startups, and packaging, to name a few, to train business leaders and entrepreneurs who work to grow their businesses, improve their industries, and strengthen their economies across Central Asia. Business leaders travel to the United States to meet and interact with their American counterparts, learning best practices, seeing new technologies, and sharing new ideas on everything from marketing to medical devices. Cross-border relationships have resulted and continue to be built from SABIT’s 30 years of in-depth internships, visits to U.S. companies, factories, farms, universities, and trade shows. SABIT’s more than 6,400 alumni in Eurasia, many of them entrepreneurs and small business owners, continue to learn, innovate, and inspire other business leaders in their communities.