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Reduced U.S. Commercial Services User Fees
Significantly reduced fees are being offered for many U.S. Commercial Service key export and investment services through September 30, 2020.

Reduced User Fees

The International Trade Administration’s (ITA) U.S. & Foreign Commercial Service (USFCS) is temporarily reducing or eliminating the costs of several of their export and investment services, providing relief to U.S. businesses and economic development organizations affected by COVID-19. These efforts are intended to encourage the promotion of foreign direct investment and the export of non-COVID-19-treatment-related “Made in the USA” products around the world in this moment of economic transition and recovery.

For U.S. companies that produce goods or services for export, the USFCS is authorized to reduce user fees and services by up to 100 percent for U.S. small and medium-sized enterprises and economic development organizations, and by up to 50 percent for large U.S. companies. Reduced fees will be provided until September 30, 2020. Each client is limited to five (5) services at the discounted rate; additional services will be provided at the regular rate. Service delivery is subject to availability of resources; please note that services may be interrupted in certain markets due to travel and physical congregation restrictions.

Please note that in-person services are subject to local travel and social gathering regulations and thus may not be available in all markets. Please check our office map to learn more about availability in your area. 

Press release: The International Trade Administration Granting Relief to U.S. Companies During Covid-19 Response

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