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How We Work
What the program was set up to accomplish, and how.

Prosper Africa - How We Work

Building on the U.S. Government's already-robust presence in Africa, more than 15 U.S. agencies are working together to:

1. Modernize U.S. Capabilities and Efforts

  • Coordinate U.S. Government resources in support of public and commercial transactions at all stages.
  • Establish a one-stop shop where U.S. and African businesses can access the full range of U.S. Government services.

2. Facilitate Transactions

  • Help to develop, facilitate, expedite, and mitigate the risk of transactions between the United States and African countries.
  • Expand U.S. companies’ access to information and provide financing support — where the private sector will not — to open the pipeline of opportunities in Africa.

3. Foster Fair and Accessible Business Climates and Robust Financial Sectors

  • Reduce barriers to private sector trade and investment.
  • Promote transparency, competitiveness, efficiency, and quality.
  • Advocate for sustainable economic policies that support private-sector led growth.
  • Build the capacity of officials in African countries to implement sound trade and investment policies and agreements.
  • Support the development and deepening of financial sectors in Africa that are key to increasing trade and investment.