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Remarks by Franklin L. Lavin

Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade

One Year Anniversary of UPS Store
Mumbai, India
December 1, 2006
As Prepared

Thank you Steve (Okun, UPS Singapore). Mahiyar (Sadri, President Jetair) and Pirojshaw (Sarkari, managing director, UPS India) for having me here today.

This is a wonderful, modern facility. This is not unlike the one in my neighborhood in Washington.

Today, we are here to celebrate the first anniversary of this store, one of two UPS stores in India, and the first store outside of North America.

UPS is making the world a more integrated place. The kinds of services you offer improve efficiency and connectivity between people and businesses, no matter where they are. Companies such as UPS enable global commerce and help grow trade between the U.S. and India. If time is money, then UPS has saved millions of dollars for the 10,000 customers you have here in India.

The companies that are on the Business Mission this week are serious about doing business and investing in India. If they are to invest resources and develop this market they will expect to have express delivery services as one of their business tools

UPS and other companies are making investments because India is open for business. That India is committed to trade liberalization. And that India is interested in open markets and the benefits they bring. UPS has made a commitment to India and India will benefit from that commitment. I’m told that after just the short period you have been here that now more than 1.000 people work for UPS in India.

Now, I understand that UPS and its partner, Jetair Business Solutions want to expand their presence in India by opening 150 UPS stores in the next five years. Companies like UPS only ask for the ability to compete fairly for the business of Indian consumers. They deserve that opportunity, just as Indian companies deserve the opportunity to compete for business in America.

My counterparts in the Indian Government understand this and we will continue to work together to keep express delivery services as part of the growth engine of the Indian economy.

Although the U.S. is India’s largest trading partner and foreign investor, there is tremendous opportunity for our relationship to broaden and deepen further still. The opening of UPS stores across India will be a positive step in that direction. UPS provides not only express delivery services but also important technological capabilities that UPS customers can then provide to their own customers. Everyone benefits by your being here.

Your success over the past year shows that you have brought a valuable service here, just as you have in the U.S. Congratulations!

Again, thank you for having me here to give a few brief comments, and I wish you every success.