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Across the Divide: Successfully Navigating Safe Harbor

2009 Conference on Cross Border Data Flows, Data Protection, and Privacy

November 16–18, 2009

Washington, D.C.

Since 2005, the European Commission, the Article 29 Working Party on Data Protection, and the United States have convened annually to review progress on the U.S.–European Union (EU) Safe Harbor Framework and to examine the latest developments in compliance, data protection, and privacy that have occurred nationally, regionally, and globally. This year’s conference continues the commitment between the EU and the United States regarding the agreement concluded in 2000 on transfers of personal data from the EU to the United States for commercial purposes.

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The EU’s Data Protection Directive, implemented in 1998, provides member states with the authority to block such transfers to countries whose privacy enforcement regimes do not meet the directive’s requirements. Under the U.S.-EU Safe Harbor Framework, the United States received an “adequacy” determination from the European Commission, limited to those U.S. organizations that self-certify their adherence to the Safe Harbor Framework, which allows data transfers to those organizations without prior approval.

This year’s conference will examine the progress that the Safe Harbor Framework has made, review the changes made to the process for approving binding corporate rules, look at new paradigms for privacy compliance, and address the role information security plays in data protection and privacy.

Other themes include cross-border data sharing during pandemics, privacy by design, strategic information management, social network service providers and behavioral advertising in cloud computing, global privacy standards, and electronic discovery in civil litigation.

To register for the conference, visit The cost is $200 per attendee. For more information, contact Damon Greer, tel.: (202) 482-5023; e-mail:; or David Ritchie, tel.: (202) 482-4936; e-mail: