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U.S.-Iraq Business Investment Summit

October 20–21, 2009

Washington, D.C.


With improving security and rising living standards, Iraq presents a unique opportunity for Iraqi, regional, and global investors. This two-day international event will offer U.S. companies the opportunity to learn about business and trade opportunities in that country. Iraq’s market of 28 million people, along with its considerable wealth, abundant natural resources, and decades of under-investment, provide potential opportunities in such sectors as energy, transportation, construction, agriculture, and manufacturing.

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Baghdad, Iraq (iStock)
Baghdad, Iraq (iStock)


About 500 attendees are expected at the summit, including representatives of top U.S. and international businesses and senior U.S. and Iraqi government officials. General sessions will provide keynote presentations on Iraq's current trade and promotion activities. Break-out sessions will focus on specific industry sectors, and a matchmaking event will offer the opportunity to facilitate partnerships between U.S., international, and Iraqi businesses. Private meeting rooms will also be available to provide attendees the opportunity to hold one-to-one business dialogues.

The conference is being hosted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and is a joint effort of the Iraqi Commercial Office, the Departments of State and Defense, and the Department of Commerce’s Iraq Investment and Reconstruction Task Force.

To obtain more information about the U.S.-Iraq Business Investment Summit, go to the Web site of U.S. Department of Commerce's Iraq Investment and Reconstruction Task Force or contact the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Middle East and Africa Department at