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International Trade Calendar

September 2007

Here is a selected list of international trade events of interest, including ITA-sponsored events, as well as a selection of upcoming international trade fairs. The U.S. and Foreign Commercial Service (USFCS) maintains a comprehensive listing of industry shows at


September 1–4

18th International Dental Congress

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This biannual meeting is expected to attract more than 310 exhibitors, as well as numerous academics, researchers, and opinion makers in the dental industry. In 2005, the show attracted more than 24,000 visitors and 247 exhibitors. For more information, contact Jefferson Oliveira of the USFCS, tel.: +55 (11) 5186-7136; e-mail:


September 3–6

Asian Aerospace

Hong Kong

This show is a cost-effective, business-to-business event for U.S. companies in the civil aerospace sector. It will bring together top buyers and suppliers, with 500 participating companies from 20 countries, and will have 12 national pavilions. Participating U.S. firms can benefit from matchmaking, country briefings, market research reports, and the Aerospace Products Literature Center. For more information, contact Deborah Semb of the USFCS, tel.: (202) 482-0905; e-mail:


September 3–6

MSPO International Defense Industry Exhibition

Kielce, Poland

This exhibition is the major trade show for the defense sector in Central and Eastern Europe. It is a very effective venue for U.S. firms seeking sales not only in Poland, but also in the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Slovakia. In 2005, the show had 320 exhibitors from 19 countries and more than 10,000 attendees from 49 countries. For more information, contact Zofia Sobiepanek of the USFCS, tel.: +48 (22) 625-4374; e-mail:


September 8

U.S. Undergraduate Fair 2007

Bangkok, Thailand

This one-day trade fair will promote U.S. undergraduate schools and community colleges to seniors at international and bilingual schools in Thailand who plan to continue their higher education abroad. For more information, contact Nalin Phupoksakul of the USFCS, tel.: +66 (2) 205-5275; e-mail:


September 12–13

China International Food Safety and Quality 2007

Beijing, China

Food safety and quality assurance are of growing importance to China, and they present significant opportunities for U.S. firms offering food safety products and services. This two-day event will include a U.S. pavilion that will offer U.S. exhibitors market-entry counseling and logistics contacts with Chinese organizers. For more information, contact Grace Cao of the USFCS, tel.: +86 (10) 8529-6655, ext. 808; e-mail:


September 13

Intellectual Property Rights in China

This program is part of a continuing series of Webinars on the protection of intellectual property rights in China. It is sponsored by ITA’s China office and will run from 2:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Eastern time. For more information, or to register, send an e-mail to


September 20

Export Strategies, Tools, and Techniques

Portland, Oregon

This one-day seminar will provide information and resources to help established businesses develop an export marketing plan and will supply occasional exporters with the tools to grow their international business. It will also offer frequent exporters a forum for discussing special international trade issues with experts in various aspects of trade. For more information, contact Jennifer Woods of the USFCS, tel.: (503) 326-5290; e-mail:


September 25–29

Apple Expo

Paris, France

This show is the most important Apple event in Europe and one of the premier information technology events in France. It will provide an opportunity for smaller U.S. companies with Apple software and hardware solutions to expand their sales in the European Union. Among other services, the Commerce Department will be providing participating U.S. firms with logistical and matchmaking support. For more information, contact Charles DeFranchi of the USFCS, tel.: +33 (01) 4312-7163; e-mail:


September 26–28

Analítica Latin America

São Paulo, Brazil

This biennial show is Latin America’s largest international exhibition dedicated to laboratory equipment, analysis, biotechnology, and quality control. In 2005, the show attracted more than 380 exhibitors from 20 countries, with more than 10,000 attendees. For more information, contact Paulo Rodrigues of the USFCS, tel.: +55 (11) 5186-7186; e-mail:

On the Horizon


October 1–5

Environmental Trade Mission

Sofia, Bulgaria; Bucharest, Romania; Istanbul, Turkey

This five-day event offers a timely and cost-effective opportunity for U.S. firms to tap into fast-growing markets for environmental equipment, technology, and services in two of the newest European Union member countries and nearby Turkey. Participation is limited to 10 U.S. environmental firms. For more information, contact Bill Cline of the USFCS, tel.: (775) 784-5203; e-mail:


October 10–13

Expomin 2007

Veracruz, Mexico

The 27th Mexico National Mining Convention is expected to attract more than 400 exhibitors from 12 countries. Some 4,500 attendees from Mexico and Latin America are expected. Targeted industries include mining equipment and services, explosives, machine tools, and geological services. A U.S. pavilion will offer participating U.S. companies a variety of services. For more information, contact Kevin Haley of the USFCS, tel.: (202) 482-6434; e-mail:


November 7–9

FIBCA—The International Fair for Capital Goods

Lima, Peru

This three-day show will feature many opportunities for U.S. firms looking to sell their products in Peru. Products include manufacturing equipment, building supplies, and other types of capital goods. U.S. exhibitors can purchase booth space in the U.S. pavilion or participate in the low-cost catalog show. For more information, contact William Corfitzen of the USFCS, tel. (202) 482-0584; e-mail: