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International Trade Calendar

August 2006

Here is a selected list of international trade events of interest, including ITA-sponsored events, as well as a selection of upcoming international trade fairs. The U.S. and Foreign Commercial Service (USFCS) maintains a comprehensive listing of industry shows at


August 3
U.S. Housing Seminar and Mini Exhibition 2006, Sapporo, Japan

This seminar and expo is a one-day event that promotes U.S. residential building materials to homebuilders, architects, and other building professionals. A keynote presentation will show how U.S. residential building materials can be used to build high-quality homes. For more information, contact Kazuhisa Takabatake of the USFCS Osaka-Kobe, tel. +81 (6) 6315-5955; e-mail:


August 4–6
Franchising International Malaysia Exhibition, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Last year, this annual franchise show hosted about 10,000 visitors and 86 exhibitors. The show will feature a U.S. pavilion and catalog show. For more information, contact LayHwa Teh at the USFCS, tel.: +60 (3) 2168-5048; e-mail:


August 10

The Import Administration will release final determinations of the antidumping duty and countervailing duty investigations on imports of certain lined paper products from Indonesia. For more information, contact Tim Truman, tel.: (202) 482-5435; e-mail:


August 10
The Battle at the Border—China’s Fake Products in the United States

This program is part of a continuing series of “Webinars” on the protection of intellectual property rights (IPR) in China. It is sponsored by ITA’s China office and begins at 2:00 p.m. Eastern time. For more information or to register, send an e-mail to


August 17
China: Risk, Reward, and How to Win, Erlanger, Kentucky

This one-day program will provide practical tips and resources for evaluating export opportunities to China, finding trade partners, and overcoming market risks. Bill Lawton, former USFCS commercial officer in Shanghai, will be the featured speaker. For more information, contact Marcia Brandstadt, tel.: (513) 684-2944; e-mail:


August 25-29
Tendence Lifestyle, Frankfurt, Germany

This international trade fair is for giftware, household consumer goods, and novelties. The show will have about 3,700 exhibitors and 91,000 trade visitors. For more information, contact Sabine Winkels of the USFCS, tel.: +49 (211) 737-767-40; e-mail:


August 26–28
SIGOLD/Oil, Gas, Infrastructure, Vladivostok, Russia

This trade show will feature major oil and gas development projects on Sakhalin Island in the Russian Far East. Small and medium-sized U.S. companies will have a chance to meet the main market players or to open their business on the island. For more information, contact Elena Borodina of the USFCS, tel.: +7 (4232) 30-00-70, ext. 4509; e-mail:

August 28–31
Magic International 2006,
Las Vegas, Nevada

The semiyearly MAGIC Marketplace is one of the most comprehensive fashion industry trade events in the world. More than 3,000 companies will display men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing and accessories. For more information, contact Jennifer Harrington of the USFCS, tel.: (202) 482-0595; e-mail:

August 31

The Import Administration will release its final determination in the antidumping duty investigation on imports of certain lined paper products from the People’s Republic of China. For more information, contact Tim Truman, tel.: (202) 482-5435; e-mail:

On the Horizon

September 18
Webinar on New Delhi

This program, one in a series of “Webinars” focusing on Indian cities that are part of the Commerce Department’s India Business Development Mission scheduled for November 29–December 5, 2006, begins at 11:00 a.m. Eastern time. For more information or to register, send an e-mail to

September 18 and 20
U.S.–Canada A/E Partnering Seminar, Toronto and Vancouver, Canada

This seminar is an opportunity for architects to showcase and partner with Canadian firms in the green building and sustainable design market. For more information, contact Rita Patlan of the USFCS, tel.: (416) 595-5412, ext. 223; e-mail:

September 21–22
Protecting Your Intellectual Property in China, Boston, Massachusetts

This free, two-day program will provide comprehensive information on protecting and enforcing intellectual property in China for all companies—those contemplating entering the China market, those with an established presence in China, and those that simply want to know more about better protecting themselves against intellectual property theft. For more information, contact Susan Tong, tel.: (571) 272-9300; e-mail: