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International Trade Calendar

Here is a selected list of international trade events of interest, including ITA-sponsored events, as well as a selection of upcoming international trade fairs. The U.S. and Foreign Commercial Service (USFCS) maintains a comprehensive listing of industry shows at


May 2009



May 5

U.S. Export Regulations Seminar

Indianapolis, Indiana

This seminar is for U.S. exporters, international lawyers, or other trade professionals who want to make sure their company or client is compliant with U.S. export regulations. Participants will learn about electronic export information filing and the Automated Export System, the Commerce Control List and Denied Parties List, and antiboycott laws and the penalties for violation of the laws, as well as how to determine if you need an export license and what role U.S. Customs plays in compliance. For more information, contact Ava LaLiberte of the USFCS; tel.: (317) 582-2300; e-mail:


May 5–7

National Hardware Show and Lawn and Garden World 2009

Las Vegas, Nevada

This event is the largest and longest-running trade show in the hardware, home improvement, and outdoor products industries in North America. It consists of five main sections: hardware and allied lines, lawn and garden world, paint and home decor, housewares, and global hardware exposition (with international pavilions). For more information, contact Joseph English of the USFCS; tel.: (202) 482-3334; e-mail:


May 7

Breaking into the Trade Game

(Session 4: Legal Issues for Exporters)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Selling U.S. products and services overseas is both profitable and rewarding. This training program will give participants the skills, strategies, insights, and contacts that are necessary to expand sales globally. For more information, contact Leandro Solorzano of the USFCS; tel.: (215) 597-6127; email:


May 11

Game Changers in the Supply Chain Infrastructure: Are We Ready to Play?

Washington, D.C.

The critical role played by the many facets of the supply chain—from the domestic transportation infrastructure, to security systems, to information technology—and the role government should play will be the focus of this one-day conference at the Department of Commerce. For more information, contact Richard Boll of the International Trade Administration, tel.: (202) 482-1135; e-mail:


May 16–19

National Restaurant Association Show 2009

Chicago, Illinois

This trade show is the leading event in the restaurant and hospitality industry. A full range of food and beverage products, equipment, technology, and services aimed at the restaurant and lodging industries will be represented, with more than 900 different product categories. For more information, contact Carol Rudman of the USFCS; tel.: (202) 482-0905; e-mail:


May 18–21

Chinaplas 2009

Guangzhou, China

This event is the largest exhibition of plastics and rubber industry materials and equipment in Asia. The 2008 show attracted more than 60,000 visitors and 1,500 exhibitors from 30 countries and regions. U.S. plastic-related companies will find this show to be an important step toward increasing their exports to the Chinese market. For more information, contact William Corfitzen of the USFCS; tel.: (202) 482-0584, e-mail:


May 20

“Small Is Beautiful” Series: Export Opportunities in Spain and Portugal Webinar

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Even in these difficult times, Spain and Portugal have great potential for U.S. exporters. Both countries have a transparent and dynamic market and are located in Western Europe, with access to the European Union and other international markets. This Webinar will provide country profiles, identify key challenges, and point out major growth opportunities for U.S. exporters of all sizes and capabilities. The cost is $35. For more information, contact Deborah Doherty of the USFCS; tel.: (717) 872-4386; e-mail:


May 24–29

National Association of Foreign Student Advisers Annual Conference and Expo

Los Angeles, California

Discover new possibilities in international education and exchange. This conference is the largest annual event for the education services industry, and it attracts participants from all over the world. Participants will have the opportunity, based on schedule, to visit schools, to have one-on-one meetings to learn about foreign student admission, to study the environment, and to learn about policies and scholarships. For more information, contact James Paul of the USFCS; tel.: (617) 565-4304; e-mail:


May 26–28


Cologne, Germany

This show will enable participants to discover tools and strategies to successfully develop their businesses while they interact with the largest group of European power professionals under one roof. It will bring together three key elements of the power industry: conventional and renewable power generation, transmission, and distribution. For more information, contact Bettina Kutsche of the USFCS; tel.: +49 (89) 288-8751; e-mail:


On the Horizon


June 2

Market Development Cooperator Program Application Deadline

This Commerce Department program awards financial and technical assistance from the International Trade Administration (ITA) to support projects that enhance the global competitiveness of U.S. manufacturing and services industries. There is an individual award limit of $400,000. Applications must be submitted no later than June 2, 2009. For more information, contact Brad Hess of ITA; tel.: (202) 482-2969; e-mail:


June 3–5

Aquatech China 2009

Shanghai, China

This show is one of the world’s largest and most prestigious trade events for water technology and management. Product categories include transport and storage, point-of-use water treatment equipment, sludge processing equipment, water purification, industrial water treatment, and sewage transport. Seminars and lectures will also be part of the fair. For more information, contact William Corfitzen of the USFCS; tel.: (202) 482-0584; e-mail:


June 15–21

2009 Paris Air Show

Paris, France

This show is the largest, and one of the most prominent, international events for the aerospace industry. In 2007, more than 2,000 exhibitors from 42 countries participated, with 154,000 trade visitors and 150 official delegations from 60 countries. For more information, contact John Klingelhut of the USFCS; tel.: (202) 482-4403; e-mail: