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Market of the Month: Singapore

In 2006, Singapore was the ninth-largest export market for manufactured goods ($24.7 billion) for the United States, and it was 15th-largest trading partner during the same period. Two-way trade increased 19 percent to $42.5 billion, the second-highest rate of growth among major trading partners after China (20.2 percent). Also that year, U.S. exports to Singapore increased 19.9 percent to $24.7 billion. U.S. exports primariliy consisted of machinery ($6.4 billion), electrical machinery ($6.2 billion), aircraft and aircraft parts ($3.6 billion), and optical and medical instruments ($1.8 billion).

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NASA satellite image of Southeast Asia, Singapore
NASA satellite image of Southeast Asia, Singapore

The U.S. export data reflect Singapore’s important role as a major distribution center, serving as the gateway to the region. Many of the U.S. products imported into Singapore are eventually reexported as finished and semi-finished products to other markets in Southeast Asia and worldwide. Singapore was home to the world’s busiest container port in 2006.

Beyond its role as a gateway, Singapore is one of the most highly developed and sophisticated industrial, commercial, financial, and consumer economies in the world. With a per capita gross domestic product of nearly $30,000, Singapore is an excellent market for a wide variety of U.S. products and services.

Best prospects for U.S. sales in Singapore include a ircraft and parts, laboratory and scientific instruments, telecommunication equipment, oil and gas equipment, medical devices, pollution control equipment, construction equipment, and electronic industry production and testing equipment.

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