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For Immediate Release: October 27, 2009
Contact: Cory Churches  (202) 482-3809



COLUMBUS, OHIO – The International Trade Administration took time out today to focus on a number of Columbus firms that have implemented energy efficient measures and sustainability efforts that can ultimately help them improve their competitiveness. Three firms, Crane Plastics, TimberTech and C.O.W. Industries, demonstrated the value of partnerships in helping make U.S. companies more competitive and sustainable.

Mary Saunders, Acting Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Manufacturing and Services, and Columbus City Councilwoman Eileen Y. Paley, along with representatives from four federal agencies, American Electric Power, and the Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio highlighted local manufacturing companies on a SMART (Sustainable Manufacturing American Regional Tour) of Columbus businesses that participated in E3: Columbus. (E3 is Economy, Energy, Environment.)

“Greater energy efficiency and waste reduction are logical places to start and E3 can help you achieve these goals,” Saunders said. “As you become more comfortable and familiar with sustainable practices, SMART can educate you on how other firms have taken the next step and connect you with a range of government resources to make that next step reality.”

SMART is part of the International Trade Administration’s Sustainable Manufacturing Initiative, through which firms learn how to apply sustainable business practices that yield many benefits such as enhanced profitability through reduced energy use; materials and water use; lower regulatory compliance costs; and enhanced company image. The tours demonstrate that utilizing sustainable practices can enhance U.S. companies’ competitiveness.

SMART is also highlighting ITA’s Sustainable Business Clearinghouse, which is an online and user-friendly database of virtually all federal government programs and resources that assist businesses in their sustainability efforts whether their needs are tax incentives or technical assistance.

For more information on the Sustainable Manufacturing Initiative, other regional tours, or the Sustainable Business Clearinghouse, please visit: