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For Immediate Release: March 6, 2008
Contact: Matt Braud   (202) 482-3809

U.S. Commerce Department Announces Winners of Student Video Contest
Videos Highlight Experiences with American Higher Education

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Commerce Department recently announced the winners of a student video contest held in conjunction with the U.S. Electronic Education Fairs for China and India.

“I would like to commend the contest winners for their innovative and unique submissions,” Commerce Assistant Secretary for Manufacturing and Services William G. Sutton said. “International students are an asset to our higher education system, our economy, and our nation. The talent, intellect, and drive that many international students possess help to keep America competitive.”

This multimedia campaign promotes the breadth and depth of U.S. higher education opportunities to Indian and Chinese students, their parents and advisors. Created to emphasize the positive experience of American higher education, the winning videos were submitted by: Nirmal Ravi (University of Kentucky), Zhang Yanshuo (College of St. Catherine, MN) and Tian Ming (Indiana University). Each winner created a three-minute video highlighting different aspects of student life here in the United States.

The winning videos, television programming broadcast in China and India, and other U.S. study information resources can be found on the initiative’s websites, and

The U.S. Electronic Education Fairs initiative is a partnership between the U.S. Department of Commerce, the U.S. Department of State, and the higher education community. The higher education community contributed more than half of the programs funding including a major gift from the Educational Testing Service/Test of English as a Foreign Language (ETS/TOEFL). This is the first time that U.S. Government agencies and the education community partnered to create a multimedia marketing campaign that promotes U.S. higher education abroad.

International student spending is valued as an important U.S. export, earning just over $14.5 billion in 2006. International students also provide many other long term benefits to the United States, including greater mutual understanding and strong ties between nations.

First launched in 2006 in China, the campaign utilizes television, the Internet, and on-ground activities to showcase U.S. higher education opportunities. The China effort reached more than 180 million Chinese citizens. A second campaign was recently launched in India estimated to reach more than 147 million Indian citizens. In all, 68 universities from 29 States and the District of Columbia have participated in project activities.

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