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For Immediate Release: March 30, 2007
Contact: Matt Braud   (202) 482-3447

Statement From International Trade Deputy Under Secretary Michelle O’Neill
Regarding the Anniversary of the
Information Technology Agreement

“I would like to commend the World Trade Organization and the signatories on the Information Technology Agreement’s tenth anniversary. This milestone highlights many of the Agreement’s original goals as well as its accomplishments. In the past decade, tariffs have been eliminated on information technology products, global trade has been enhanced, and the information age has been advanced around the world.

This Agreement has also helped to level the international playing field for American companies. IT products manufactured and produced by American firms face zero tariffs today because of this global partnership.

As information technology products improve, our quality of life improves as well. America’s IT industry offers good-paying jobs that help us maintain our highly skilled workforce. These technologies also help increase worker productivity, raise our standard of living, and make it easier for our companies to do business.

This landmark anniversary is cause for celebration because of the Agreement’s past accomplishments. However, I also encourage participants to ensure that the success continues in the future. It’s still critical to enhance market access opportunities by guaranteeing coverage for existing Information Technology Agreement products including those that are more technologically sophisticated.”

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