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For Immediate Release: March 7, 2007

Invest in America

Inward Direct Investment Fact Sheet


Promotes Employment with High Wages:1

  • U.S. subsidiaries of foreign firms employ5.1 million American workers, support an annual payroll of $324.5 billion, and pay on average 32 percent higher wages than the national average.
  • These U.S. subsidiaries invest heavily in American manufacturing, with 31 percent of these jobs in this sector.

Strong Economic Benefits to the U.S. Economy:

  • U.S. subsidiaries of foreign firms account for 19 percent of total U.S. exports of goods($153.9 billion), and in 2006 reinvested $80.3 billion of their profits back into the U.S. economy.
  • U.S. subsidiaries also spent $29.9 billion on research and development activities in the United States.

Who Invests in the United States:2

  • Foreign companies based in OECD countries account for 94 percent of cumulative foreign direct investment in the United States.
  • The top 5 countries, ranked by cumulative direct investment in the United States were: The United Kingdom - $282.5 billion; Japan - $190.3 billion; Germany - $184.2 billion; The Netherlands - $170.8 billion; Canada - $144.0 billion.

Total Inward Investment:3

  • The cumulative value of inward direct investment at the end of 2005 was $1.874 trillion.
  • In 2006, direct investment capital inflows totaled $183.6 billion.
  • 2005 direct investment capital inflows totaled $109.8 billion; 2004 capital inflows totaled $133.2 billion; 2003 capital inflows totaled $64.0 billion.

Recent Examples of Investing in America:

  • On February 27, Japanese automaker Toyota Motor Corp. announced that it would build a new manufacturing facility near Tupelo, MS. This $1.3 billion facility is expected to employ 2,000 initially. In 2005, Toyota employed 38,340 in North America.4
  • On January 22, AstraZeneca announced it would invest $100 million into its U.S. research and development team based in Waltham, MA. This will bring total research employment at this site to 500, with a focus on anti-infection and cancer treatments.5

Promoting America as the Investment Destination of Choice:

  • The Invest in America initiative promotes the desirability of investment in the U.S. as a whole by highlighting the advantages of investing in the U.S., and countering the misconceptions some investors may have.
  • The initiative will focus on outreach to the international investment community; coordination with state and local governments engaged in foreign investment promotion; and work as ombudsman in Washington, DC policy community to address business climate concerns.

The initiative will also include the creation of a task force within the International Trade Administration charged with the responsibility of educating and coordinating the efforts of the 2,300 ITA employees in offices around the world on inward investment.



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