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For Immediate Release: October 31, 2006


Commerce Announces Preliminary Results in the Reconsideration of Sunset Review of Order on Large Newspaper Printing Presses and Components Thereof, Whether Assembled or Unassembled From Japan

  • On October 31, the Department of Commerce announced its preliminary results of the reconsideration of the sunset review of the order on large newspaper printing presses (LNPP) from Japan.
  • Commerce preliminarily found that, had the antidumping duty order on LNPP from Japan not been revoked in February 2002 pursuant to the 2001-2002 sunset review, revocation of the order would have likely led to the continuation or recurrence or dumping.
  • This sunset review is a reconsideration of Commerce’s original sunset review conducted in 2001-2002. In that review, the sole domestic interested party, Goss Graphic Corporation (now Goss International Corp.), withdrew its participation in the review, leading Commerce to revoke the order.
  • In 2004, an Iowa federal district court found that one of the Japanese LNPP producers subject to the original order, Tokyo Kikai Seisakusho (TKS), had submitted false information to Commerce in the 1997-1998 administrative review. Commerce’s findings in that review, which were favorable to TKS, contributed to TKS ultimately being revoked from the order prior to the end of the original sunset review.
  • Subsequent to the Iowa federal district court’s 2004 findings, Commerce initiated a changed circumstances review to give parties an opportunity to provide comments to Commerce as to how it should take the court’s findings into account. As a result of that review, Commerce decided to reconsider the original sunset review, finding that TKS’ misconduct during the 1997-1998 administrative review may have significantly undermined the integrity of the results of the original sunset review.


  • Commerce will announce the final results of the reconsideration of the sunset review on March 12, 2007.
  • Commerce will then notify the International Trade Commission (ITC) of its findings. The ITC would need to determine whether the revocation of the order would have led to the continuation or recurrence of material injury for the order to be reinstated.


Manufacturers/Producers/Exports Weighted-Average Margins (Percent)
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Inc. 59.67%
Tokyo Kikai Seisakusho, Ltd. 51.97%
All Others 55.05%


Case Calendar:

Reconsideration of Sunset Review Initiated April 13, 2006
DOC Preliminary Results October 30, 2006
DOC Final Results March 12, 2007