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  • Safe Harbor Principles 

  • The dialogue on Privacy and data transfers between the U.S. and European Union continues. Please provide your comments to the Department of Commerce as we proceed in negotiations with the European Union. Click on /ecom/menu.html to access ITA's Electronic Commerce Task Force latest information or go directly to /ecom/aaron419.html to view the April 19, 1999 letter from Ambassador Aaron
  • National Trade Data Bank - NTDB

  • ...One Stop source for international trade data. This is a fee-based searchable database with over 190,000 trade related documents collected by ITA and other Federal agencies. 
  • The US-China Housing Initiative and theResidential Building Councilare designed to facilitate US opportunities to meet emerging Chinese housing demands. 
  • Understanding the Digital Economy - Data, Tools and Research Conference was held on May 25 and 26, 1999 in Washington, D.C.. This was a public conference to review recent research on implications of the digital economy and examine the agenda for future research, including the need for and possible sources of new data, indicators, and tools. 
  • The Office of Export Trading Company Affairs – presents THE U.S. EXPORTERS' YELLOW PAGES™ on the web at It is produced by Global Publishers in cooperation with ITA’s Office of Export Trading Company Affairs (OETCA). The online service includes over 20,000 U.S. export service providers, trading companies and manufacturers that have registered their export interests through USDOC Export Assistance Centers throughout 100 cites in the U.S. OETCA promotes the formation and use of export trade intermediaries and the development of long term joint export ventures by U.S. firms, including joint ventures by U.S. firms that are competitors in the domestic market.
  • The Industry Consultations Program (ICP) – is a program established by Congress to provide the U.S. industry a voice in international trade policy matters. The ICP is comprised of 17 Industry Sector Advisory Committees on Trade Policy Matters (ISACs) and 3 Industry Functional Committees on Trade Policy Matters (IFACs), with over 500 members.
  • The Miami U.S. Export Assistance Center,– (USEAC) and its InterAmericas Center, (IAC) are a vital resource to thousands of export-minded companies. Their team is called The Commercial Service, and it's part of the Commerce Department's team of experts that is at your service. It's their job to help YOU export, offering you global marketing and trade finance services. 
  • ITA's Trade Events and Missions Web Sitewas developed to provide public access to information on scheduled and approved trade missions.   
  • Advocacy Program

  • ...Aggressive help to win major projects abroad

  • Untied Aid

  • ...Projects and Funding Information

  • SABIT Program

  • ...Training managers and scientists from the former Soviet Union. These talented executives are your potential partners.
  • AMBIT Program

  • ...Training and business development initiative for Northern Ireland and the Border Counties of Ireland
  • Export America

  • ...New and Improved, the heir to the former Business America. Still Your Magazine of International Trade, but now with critical leads, stories, and expert advice for the U.S. exporter gleaned from Commerce Department and government-wide resources.
  • DEC Home Page

  • ...Find information about the District Export Councils (DEC) and how business leaders are helping other business leaders learn to export!
  • President's Export Council Home Page

  • ...This council reports to the President through the Secretary of Commerce and is the premier national advisory committee on international trade.
  • Virtual Trade Mission site sponsored by the President's Export Council 

  • ...Primarily for middle, high and college level schools, go here for a multimedia experience and for understanding why U.S. companies and Government's promote the trade mission concept.
  • Foreign Trade Offices Database

  • ...Lists foreign chambers of commerce, foreign trade and economic offices, foreign trade representatives offices and foreign embassies located in the U.S.
  • Free Trade Area of the Americas - FTAA 2005

  • ...Regional initiative to create a Western Hemisphere free trade 
    area by the year 2005
  • India and Pakistan Sanctions - Resource Home Page

  • ...Go here for press releases, government contacts and frequesntly 
    asked questions on the sanctions.
  • Import Administration

  • ...Safeguarding American Jobs and Industries Against the "Dumping" 
    of goods onto the U.S. market
  • Legal Aspects of International Trade and Investment

  • ...Information from the Office of the Chief Counsel for International Commerce
  • Market Development Cooperator Program

  • ...Public-Private Partnerships
  • Multilateral Development Bank Operations

  • ...The Commercial Service Helps Access Project Financing from the Five 
    Major Multilateral Development Banks.
  • ITA's National Export Directory Database

  • ...Lists federal, state and local level trade contacts for U.S. exporters.
  • ITA's Secretarial Trade Mission Site

  • ...Public access to information on scheduled and approved trade missions.
  • ITA's Trade Events Calendar Database

  • ...Lists trade events that are supported by one or more U.S. Government 
    agencies to help U.S. companies export.
  • The Trade Compliance Center

  • ...Featuring the Trade Complaint Hotline that provides U.S. companies and workers with an opportunity to register their experience of market access problems in foreign countries.
  • Trade Statistics

  • ...Access a complete set of global trade statistics from ITA
  • Trade Information Center

  • ...Locating the Right Federal Agency and Export Program. Information and assistance on exporting to specific the Trade Information Center by calling 1-800-USA-TRAD(E) or via EMail at
  • National Trade Data Bank - NTDB

  • ..One Stop source for international trade data.This is a fee-based searchable database with over 190,000 trade related documents collected by Federal agencies. 
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