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Preliminary Affirmative Countervailing Duty Determination:
Low Enriched Uranium from France, Germany, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom

At noon on Tuesday, May 8, 2001, the Department of Commerce will announce its preliminary determinations in the above-referenced countervailing duty (CVD) investigations. These investigations were initiated on December 27, 2000. The period of investigation is January through December 1999.


These petitions were filed on behalf of USEC Inc., and its wholly owned subsidiary, United States Enrichment Corporation. Subsequent to the filing of the petitions, the Paper, Allied -Industrial, Chemical and Energy Workers International Union, AFL-CIO, CLC, and Local 5-550 and Local 5-689 (PACE) joined USEC, Inc. as petitioners in these cases.

Case Calendar

Petition Filed: December 7, 2000

Initiation: December 27, 2000

ITC Preliminary Determination: January 22, 2001

DOC Preliminary Determination: May 7, 2001*

DOC Final Determination: September 18, 2001**

ITC Final Determination : November 3, 2001***

Order (anticipated): November 10, 2001

* This is a fully extended deadline.

** The CVD investigations have been aligned with the concurrent antidumping final determinations, which are currently due September 18,.

*** If the DOC makes affirmative final AD or CVD determinations, the ITC must make a final injury determination within 45 days. If that determination is affirmative, the DOC will issue a duty order.

Product Description

The merchandise subject to these investigations is low enriched uranium (LEU). The technical language describing the scope of these investigations will be included in the notice of preliminary determination which will be published in the Federal Register.


Subsidy Rates: Preliminary Determination.

Country / Manufacturer/ Weighted-Average Producer/Exporter / Margin Percentages


Eurodif / 13.94

All Others / 13.94


Urenco / 3.72

All Others / 3.72

The Netherlands

Urenco / 3.72

All Others / 3.72

United Kingdom

Urenco / 3.72

All Others / 3.72

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