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Initiation of Antidumping Duty Investigations:
Spring Table Grapes from Mexico and Chile


On March 30, 2001, the Desert Grape Growers League of California filed a petition requesting the imposition of antidumping duties on spring table grapes from Chile and Mexico.

The petitioners contend that the table grape industry in the United States is seasonal, and is competing only with imports to the U.S. during the "spring" season. Thus, the Desert Grape Growers League has asked Commerce to investigate only imports from April 1, through June 30, each year.

Due to the complexities of establishing industry support for these petitions, on April 17, 2001 the Department postponed initiation of these investigations until May 9. We have completed our examination of industry support and have concluded that the producers of spring table grapes in the United States have sufficient standing to bring this petition. We initiated these investigations on May 9, 2001.

We find that the petitions meet the requirements of section 732 of the Tariff Act.

Product Description:

The scope of these investigations includes imports of any variety of vitis vinifera species table grapes from Chile or Mexico, entered during the period April 1 though June 30, inclusive, regardless of grade, size, maturity, horticulture method (i.e., organic or not) or the size of the container in which packed. The scope specifically covers all varieties of seedless or seeded grapes including, but not limited to, Thompson, Red Flame, Red Globe, Perlettes, Superior seedless, Sugrone, Ribier, Black seedless, Red seedless, Blanca Italia, Moscatel Rosada, Crimson seedless, Lavallee, Emperor, Queen Rose, Calmeria, Christmas Rose, Down seedless, Beauty seedless, Almeria, Supreme seedless, Superior Seedless M., Late Royal, Muscat seedless, Royal seedless, Early Ribier, Cardinal, Moscatel Dorada, Black Giant, Kaiji, Lady Rose, Black Diamond, Piruviano, Early Thompson, King Ruby seedless, White seedless, Queen seedless, Autumn seedless, Royal, Pink seedless, Green Globe, Autumn Black, Black Beauty, and Royal Giant. The scope specifically covers all table grapes entered within the April 1 though June 30 window of each year, whether or not subject to the Federal Marketing Order set forth in 7 CFR, Part 925.

The scope excludes by-product grapes and other grapes for use as other than table grapes, including those grapes used for raisins, crushing, juice, wine, canning, processed foods and other byproduct and not direct consumption purposes. The spring table grapes subject to these investigations are classifiable under 0806.10.40 of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (HTSUS).

Although the HTSUS subheadings are provided for convenience and Customs Service purposes, the written description of the merchandise under investigation is dispositive.


Petitioner - Desert Grape Growers League of California represented by Michael J. Coursey of Collier Shannon Scott

Other - Other parties have expressed an interest in the petitions. These include grape growers from the California Central Valley, and grape exporters. We have also received congressional interest in the matter from Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Sen. Joe Biden, Sen. Tom Carper, Sen. Robert Torricelli, Sen. Arlen Specter, Rep. Mary Bono and Rep. Michael Castle.

Case Calendars

Petition Filed March 30, 2001
DOC Initiation May 9, 2001
ITC Preliminary Determination June 4, 2001
DOC Preliminary Determination* September 26, 2001
DOC Final Determination* December 10, 2001
ITC Final Determination January 24, 2002
DOC Issues Orders (If warranted) January 31, 2002

* US law allows these dates to be extended

If the DOC makes affirmative final determinations, the ITC must make final injury determinations within 45 days. If those determinations are affirmative, DOC will issue antidumping duty orders.

Volume and Value of Imports/1

April-June 2000 Volume (kgs) Value (USD)
Chile 59,777,677 $45,765,991
Mexico 85,931,529 $137,327,496

Interested Parties/APO Applications

Parties who meet the regulatory definition of an interested party may file a letter of appearance in these proceedings. See section 771(9) of the Act.

Initiation Notices and Public Versions of the Initiation Checklists

The initiation notice and public versions of the initiation checklists are available in our Central Records Unit, room B-099, in the Main Commerce Building, 14th Street and Constitution Avenue, NW, Washington DC 20230.


1/ These statistics are from the US ITC's DataWeb and reflect the items imported from Mexico and Chile that were entered under 0806.10.40 of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States.



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