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Preliminary Determination in the Antidumping Duty Investigation of
Silicon Metal from the Russian Federation

On September 16, the Department of Commerce (the Department) announced its preliminary determination in the antidumping investigation on imports of silicon metal from the Russian Federation. We have found that two Russian producers of silicon metal, Brask Aluminum Smelter, and ZAO Kremny/SUAL-Kremny Ural made sales of silicon metal to U.S. customers below fair market value, with margins ranging from 90 to 125 percent.

Petitioners: Globe Metallurgical Inc. (Cleveland, OH), Simcala Inc. (Mt. Miegs, AL), the International Union of Electric, Electrical Salaried, Machine and Furniture Workers, AFL-CIO, C.L.C., Local 693 (Selma, AL), the Paper, Allied Industrial, Chemical and Energy Workers International Union, Local 5-89 (Boomer, WV), and the United Steelworkers of America, AFL-CIO, Local 9436 (Niagra Falls, NY).

Product Description: The merchandise covered by this investigation covers all forms and sizes of silicon metal from Russia. Silicon metal generally contains at least 96.00 percent but less than 99.99 percent silicon by weight. The merchandise under investigation also includes silicon metal from Russia containing between 89.00 and 96.00 percent silicon by weight, but containing more aluminum than the silicon metal which contains at least 96.00 percent but less than 99.99 percent silicon by weight. Silicon metal currently is classifiable under subheadings 2804.69.10 and 2804.69.50 of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (HTSUS). The scope of the investigation covers all silicon metal meeting the above specifications, regardless of tariff classification.

Critical Circumstances: Petitioners alleged that critical circumstances exist with regard to imports of silicon metal from Russia. The Department has made a preliminary determination that critical circumstances exist with respect to import from the Russia-wide entity, but has determined that critical circumstances do not exist with respect to imports from Bratsk Aluminum Smelter and RUAL Trade Ltd., and ZAO Kremny, SUAL-Kremny-Ural, and Pultwen Ltd. If the Department and the International Trade Commission (ITC) make final affirmative determinations that critical circumstances do exist with regard to imports of silicon metal, antidumping duties may be assessed retroactively on goods imported up to 90 days prior to the publication of the Department's preliminary determination.

Preliminary Antidumping Margins:
Bratsk Aluminum Smelter 123.62%
ZAO Kremny/SUAL-Kremny Ural 91.06%
Russia-Wide 123.62%


Case Calendar:

Petitions Filed March 7, 2002
Initiation Deadline March 27, 2002
ITC Preliminary Determinations April 18, 2002
ITA Preliminary Determinations * September 13, 2002
DOC Final Determinations ** February 3, 2003
ITA Final Determinations December 12, 2003
Order *** December 19, 2003

*This deadline was partially extended per the governing statute.
**This deadline ws fully extended in accordance with the governing statute.
***This will take place only in the event of a final affirmative determination from the Department and the International Trade Commission (ITC) .

Import Statistics:*

Volume (KG) (000)
Value (U.S. $) (000)
*Source: ITC Dataweb

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