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Final Determinations in the Antidumping Duty Investigations on Certain Cold-Rolled Carbon Steel Flat Products from Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, France, Germany, Korea, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the People's Republic of China, the

Federation, South Africa, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, and Venezuela

Final Determinations in the Countervailing Duty Investigations on Certain Cold-Rolled Carbon Steel Flat Products from Argentina, Brazil, France, and Korea

On Tuesday, September 24th, the Department of Commerce (the Department) announced its final determinations in the above-noted antidumping (AD) and countervailing duty (CVD) investigations on imports of cold rolled steel.

The International Trade Commission (ITC) is scheduled to make its final injury determinations in these investigations on November 7th. If the ITC should make negative determinations, the investigations will be terminated, and no duties will be imposed. However, if the ITC makes affirmative determinations, then the Department will instruct the U.S. Customs Service to collect duties.

Section 201/ Safeguard Remedy
Imports of cold-rolled steel from some of these countries are also subject to an initial tariff of 30 percent under the President's remedy under Section 201. Excluded from 201 relief on the basis of their developing country status are: Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, Turkey, and Venezuela. If these investigations go to order, then any subsequent AD and/or CVD duties would be imposed in addition to the tariffs imposed under Section 201.

The petitions in these cases were filed by Bethlehem Steel Corporation, National Steel Corporation, Nucor Corporation, Steel Dynamics, Inc., United States Steel Corporation, WCI Steel, Inc., and Weirton Steel Corporation, and LTV Steel Company, Inc. Weirton Steel Corporation is not a petitioner in the investigation on imports from the Netherlands. LTV is no longer an active petitioner in these investigations, as it liquidated its assets due to bankruptcy.

Previous Investigations
In 1999-2000, the Department conducted AD investigations on imports of cold-rolled steel from a number of the countries included in these investigations. At that time, the ITC made a final determination that the domestic industry was not materially injured, or threatened with material injury as a result of the imports then under investigation, and the investigations were terminated.

In July 2002, AD investigations on imports of cold-rolled steel from Australia, India, Japan, Sweden, and Thailand were terminated when the ITC found that the domestic industry was not injured or threatened with injury as a result of these imports.

Suspension Agreement on Imports from Russia
We signed an agreement with Russian cold rolled steel producers suspending the AD investigation. This is the first such agreement since Russia was graduated to market-economy status. The terms of the agreement require Russian producers to sell cold-rolled steel above a "normal value," constructed using Russian producers' costs. In addition, the Agreement includes a provision that would allow the Department to recognize that certain prices may be distorted in the Russian economy and make adjustments accordingly. On September 24, the Russian steel producers requested that the Department continue the investigation. If the ITC makes a negative injury determination, the investigation, and the suspension agreement, would be terminated.

Critical Circumstances:
Petitioners alleged that critical circumstances exist with regard to imports from Argentina, the Netherlands, the People's Republic of China (PRC), the Russian Federation, South Africa, South Korea, and Taiwan. We found that critical circumstances did exist for imports from the Netherlands, the PRC, South Korea (with the exception of imports from Dongbu Steel Co.) and the Russian Federation, while critical circumstances do not exist for imports from Argentina, South Africa, and Taiwan. If the Department and the ITC make final affirmative determinations that critical circumstances do exist with regard to imports of cold rolled steel from the PRC and Russia, countervailing and antidumping duties may be assessed retroactively on goods imported up to 90 days prior to the publication of the Department's preliminary determinations.

Case Calendar:

Countervailing Duty Investigations Antidumping Duty Investigations
Petitions Filed Sept 28, 2001 Sept 28, 2001
Initiation Deadline Oct 18, 2001 Oct 18, 2001
ITC Prelim Nov 13, 2001 Nov 13, 2001
DOC Prelim Feb 25, 2002 April 26, 2002
DOC Final Sept 23, 2002 Sept 23, 2002
ITC Final Nov 7, 2002 Nov 7, 2002
Publication of Order * Nov 14, 2002 Nov 14, 2002

*This will take place only in the event of final affirmative determinations by both the Department and the ITC .


Final Dumping Margins:
Country Company Final Margins
ARGENTINA Siderar S.A.I.C. 27.18%
  All Others 27.18%
BELGIUM Sidmar  N.V.
  All Others 11.56%
BRAZIL Usinas Siderurgicas de Minas Gerais and Companhia Siderurgica Paulista (USIMINAS/COSIPA) 33.88%
(effective net margin will be 30.53%  after adjusting for CVD rate)  
  All Others 33.38%
FRANCE Usinor Group (Usinor) 11.59%
  All Others 11.59%
GERMANY Thyssen Krupp Stahl AG 12.56%
  All Others 12.56%
KOREA Dongbu Steel Co.  Ltd.
  Pohang Iron and Steel Co (POSCO)* 5.15%
  All Others* 8.90%
THE NETHERLANDS Corus Staal BV* 6.28%
  All Others* 6.28%
NEW ZEALAND BHP New Zealand Steel Ltd. (NZS) 21.72%
  All Others 21.72%
PRC Pangang Group International Economic & Trading Corp.* 105.35%
  China-Wide Rate* 105.35%
THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION Russia-Wide Rate* 137.33%
SOUTH AFRICA Iscor Limited 41.90%
  All Others 41.90%
SPAIN Laminacion y Derivados S.A. (Layde) 46.20%
  All Others 46.20%
TAIWAN China Steel Corp./Yieh Loong 4.02%
  Kao Hsing Chang Iron & Steel 16.80%
  Ton Yi Industrial 16.80%
  All Others 4.02%
TURKEY Borcelik Celik Sanayii ve Ticaret A.S. 4.32%
  All Others 4.32%
VENEZUELA Siderurgica del Orinoco C.A.'s ("Sidor") 58.95%
  All Others 53.90%
*Note: The Department has found that critical circumstances exist with respect to imports from these entities. If the ITC also finds that critical circumstances exist for these entities, duties will be imposed retroactively.


Final Countervailable Subsidy Rates:
Country Company Final Subsidy Rate
ARGENTINA Siderar S.A.I.C. 0.87% (de minimis)
  All Others 0.00%
BRAZIL Usminas/COSIPA 13.99%
  CSN 7.99%
  All Others 13.07%
France Usinor 1.32%
  All Others 1.32%
Korea Dongbu
  Hysco 0.35% (de minimis)
  POSCO 0.76% (de minimis)
  Union 3.43%
  All Others 1.09%


Import Statistics: Volume and Value
Imports from all countries investigated (including Australia, India, Japan, Sweden, and Thailand) were valued at almost $904 million dollars in 2000. By volume, these imports accounted for about 70.92% of all cold-rolled steel imports, with an import penetration of 13.64%.

Import Value In U.S. Dollars

 Argentina $36,947,523 $32,684,433 $35,189,270
 Australia $2,653,613 $22,409,377 $15,476,656
 Belgium $93,844,706 $94,698,491 $53,421,101
 Brazil $87,288,663 $22,205,760 $61,157,848
 China $15,608,391 $15,914,250 $23,102,294
 France $79,176,404 $95,827,561 $59,808,284
 Germany $98,440,448 $116,823,701 $80,664,615
 India $57,038,007 $217,644,735 $918,000,000
 Japan $201,599,681 $144,331,624 $163,075,288
 Korea $48,839,957 $111,030,356 $182,037,862
 Netherlands $62,707,137 $64,769,944 $34,103,741
 New Zealand $7,603,966 $10,319,503 $6,284,353
 Russia $103,882,396 $87,489,178 $71,088,611
 South Africa $24,455,466 $8,770,700 $22,895,794
 Spain $7,979,581 $6,307,494 $6,132,109
 Sweden $37,525,312 $32,378,564 $28,699,284
 Taiwan $30,886,932 $9,984,012 $29,292,025
 Thailand $20,473,287 $3,508,007 $6,468,991
 Turkey $23,227,888 $13,931,597 $17,609,775
 Venezuela $15,711,456 $3,256,268 $13,863,772
TOTALS $998,909,845 $903,858,464 $911,107,591


Volume In Metric Tons
 Argentina 119,540 83,705 125,877
 Australia 3,930 62,598 48,669
 Belgium 276,032 233,015 154,528
 Brazil 283,185 50,882 195,141
 China 50,490 41,789 84,303
 France 152,544 164,137 117,103
 Germany 127,954 159,236 100,871
 India 136 17,198 1,377
 Japan 401,105 243,669 356,997
 Korea 138,870 278,651 550,502
 Netherlands 176,633 168,900 102,258
 New Zealand 24,877 26,679 21,024
 Russia 380,233 238,354 268,884
 South Africa 77,542 24,874 80,940
 Spain 19,583 14,827 16,673
 Sweden 39,361 25,879 36,063
 Taiwan 85,732 20,692 89,640
 Thailand 66,656 8,836 21,973
 Turkey 78,021 34,463 60,980
 Venezuela 53,066 8,679 47,843
TOTALS 2,555,490 1,907,063 2,481,646


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