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Preliminary Determination of Sales at Less Than Fair Value:
Greenhouse Tomatoes from Canada

On Tuesday, October 2, 2001, the Department of Commerce announced its preliminary determination in the antidumping investigation on greenhouse tomatoes from Canada, finding antidumping duty margins ranging from 0 to 50.75 percent.


On April 24, 2001, we initiated an antidumping duty investigation on greenhouse tomatoes from Canada. The petition in this investigation was filed by Carolina Hydroponic Growers Inc., Eurofresh, HydroAge, Sunblest Management LLC, Sunblest Farms LLC, and Village Farms.

Product Description:

The merchandise subject to this investigation is tomatoes grown in greenhouses in Canada e.g., common round tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, plum or pear tomatoes, and cluster or "on-the-vine" tomatoes. The petition specifically excludes field-grown tomatoes. The full description of the scope of this investigation is included in the preliminary determination notice which will be published in the Federal Register.


Companies Margin
BC Hot House Foods, Inc. 50.75
Red Zoo Marketing (a.k.a. Produce Distributors, Inc.) 23.17
Veg Gro Sales, Inc. (a.k.a. K & M Produce Distributors, Inc.) 2.45
J-D Marketing Produce Ltd. 0.00
Mastronardi Produce Ltd. 5.54
All Others 32.36

Case Calendar:

Event Date
DOC Final Determination* December 17, 2001
ITC Final Determination January 29, 2002
Order February 5, 2002

*Note: This date could be extended under our regulations.

Import Statistics:(1)

1997 1998 1999 2000
Quantity (In Kilograms) 37,504,198 61,728,726 79,553,507 101,390,253
Customs Value

(In Actual Dollars)

$58,965,727 $100,507,593 $119,690,432 $160,939,005

1. These statistics are from the USITC's Dataweb and reflect the aggregate of all items imported from Canada under HTSUS classification number 0702.00 (Tomatoes, fresh or chilled).