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Final Determinations of Sales at Less Than Fair Value:

Structural Steel Beams from the People's Republic of China, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Russia, South Africa, Spain, and Taiwan

On Tuesday, May 14, the Department of Commerce ("the Department") announced its final determinations in the above-referenced investigations. We found that producers/exporters of structural steel beams from the People's Republic of China, Germany, Luxembourg, Russia, South Africa, and Taiwan have sold their product below fair value. However, we also found that producer/exporters of structural steel beams from Italy have not sold their product below fair value.


On May 23, 2001, the Department received a petition filed in proper form by the Committee for Fair Beam Imports and its individual members, Northwestern Steel and Wire Company, Nucor Corporation, Nucor-Yamato Steel Company, and TXI-Chaparral Steel Company. We announced our preliminary determinations in these investigations on December 20, 2001. On January 31, 2002, we amended the preliminary determination to correct certain ministerial errors.

Structural steel beams are not covered by the remedies imposed under Section 201, as the ITC made a negative determination of injury or threat of injury for this product.

Product Description:

The scope of these investigations covers doubly-symmetric shapes, whether hot- or cold-rolled, drawn, extruded, formed or finished, having at least one dimension of at least 80 mm (3.2 inches or more), whether of carbon or alloy (other than stainless) steel, and whether or not drilled, punched, notched, painted, coated, or clad. These structural steel beams include, but are not limited to, wide-flange beams ("W"shapes), bearing piles ("HP" shapes), standard beams ("S" or "I" shapes), and M-shapes. All the products that meet the physical and metallurgical descriptions provided above are within the scope of these investigations unless otherwise excluded. The following products are outside and/or specifically excluded from the scope of these investigations: (1) structural steel beams greater than 400 pounds per linear foot, (2) structural steel beams that have a web or section height (also known as depth) over 40 inches, and (3) structural steel beams that have additional weldments, connectors or attachments to I-sections, H-sections, or pilings; however, if the only additional weldment, connector or attachment on the beam is a shipping brace attached to maintain stability during transportation, the beam is not removed from the scope definition by reason of such additional weldment, connector or attachment.

The merchandise subject to this investigation is classified in the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States ("HTSUS") at subheadings 7216.32.0000, 7216.33.0030, 7216.33.0060, 7216.33.0090, 7216.50.0000, 7216.61.0000, 7216.69.0000, 7216.91.0000, 7216.99.0000, 7228.70.3040, and 7228.70.6000. Although the HTSUS subheadings are provided for convenience and customs purposes, the written description of the merchandise under investigation is dispositive.

Antidumping Duty Margins:



Final Dumping Margins

The People's Republic of China Maanshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd

PRC wide



Germany Salzgitter AG


All others




Italy Duferdofin SpA 0.33
Luxemborg ProfilARBED, S.A. 15.23
Russia Nizhny Tagil Iron & Steel Works 230.66
South Africa Highveld Steel/Vanadium Corp.

All others



Spain Aceralia Corporacion Siderurgica, S.A 5.19
Taiwan Kuei Yi Industrial Co., Ltd.

All others




Case Calendar:



Final AD Determination May 13, 2002
ITC Final Determination (estimate) June 24, 2002
Issuance of AD Order (estimate) July 1, 2002

Import Statistics:





Qty (kg)

216,397 74,072,890 48,343,444
Value (US$) $184,985 $24,124,665 $14,157,370


80,428,285 206,169,542 58,277,557
Value (US$) $36,327,959 $86,517,235 $30,765,901
Italy Qty (kg) 9,325,719 95,309,658 21,820,579
Value (US$) $3,213,909 $35,831,659 $7,911,985
Luxembourg Qty (kg) 72,598,042 108,349,857 72,210,904
Value (US$) $33,600,444 $48,986,775 $35,943,786
Russia Qty (kg) 27,279,501 38,579,704 66,333,630
Value (US$) $6,164,948 $12,635,361 $15,772,852
South Africa Qty (kg) 56,023,941 109,874,613 60,725,517
Value (US$) $13,733,108 $35,542,116 $17,156,565
Spain Qty (kg) 125,996,722 179,781,021 74,096,278
Value (US$) $34,319,215 $67,520,758 $23,084,882
Taiwan Qty (kg) 377,852 66,477,119 9,254,448
Value (US$) $240,467 $23,174,086 $2,929,756

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