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Final Determination in the Antidumping Investigation on Imports of
Certain Malleable Iron Pipe Fittings from The People's Republic of China

On October 21, the Department of Commerce (the Department) announced its final determination in the antidumping duty (AD) investigation on imports of certain malleable iron pipe fittings from the People's Republic of China (PRC), finding that Chinese producers/ exporters have sold malleable iron pipe fittings in the U.S. market at less than fair value, with margins ranging from 7.35% to 14.32% for respondent companies, and a rate of 111.36% for all other producers/exporters.

The ITC's final determination is scheduled for December 4, 2003. If the ITC makes a final affirmative determination that imports were materially injuring, or threatening to materially injure, the domestic industry, then the Department will issue an antidumping duty order and will instruct the U.S. Bureau of Customs and Border Protection to collect antidumping duties.

Petitioners: The petition requesting this investigation was filed by Anvil International, Inc., (New Hampshire) and Ward Manufacturing, Inc. (Pennsylvania). While there are four domestic producers of subject malleable iron pipe fittings, the petitioners account for virtually all domestic sales and shipments, and virtually all domestic production of subject merchandise.

Critical Circumstances: The Department determined that critical circumstances exist for Jinan Meide Casting Co., Ltd. (JMC), SCE Co., Ltd. (SCE) and for the PRC-wide entity, but not for Langfang Pannext Pipe Fitting Co., Ltd. (Pannext), Beijing Sai Lin Ke Hardware Co., Ltd (SLK), or Chengde Malleable Iron General Factory (Chengde). If the ITC makes a final affirmative determination that critical circumstances exist with regard to imports of malleable pipe fittings, antidumping duties may be assessed retroactively on goods produced/exported by Jinan, as well as those by producers/importers not included as mandatory respondents, up to 90 days prior to the publication of the Department's preliminary determination.

Product Description: The physical characteristics of malleable iron are somewhat stronger and less brittle than gray iron; therefore, malleable iron pipe fittings are generally used where shock and vibration resistance are required and where fittings are subject to quick temperature changes. The principle uses of malleable iron pipe fittings are in gas lines, piping systems of oil refineries, and gas and water systems of buildings. Imports covered by this investigation are shipments of certain malleable iron pipe fittings, cast, other than grooved fittings, from the People's Republic of China. The merchandise is classified under item numbers 7307.19.90.30, 7307.19.90.60 and 7307.19.90.80 of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule. Although HTSUS subheadings are provided for convenience and customs purposes, our written description of the scope of this proceeding is dispositive.

Final Dumping Margins:



Jinan Meide Casting Co., Ltd


Beijing Sai Lin Ke Hardware Co., Ltd.


Langfang Pannext Pipe Fitting Co., Ltd


Chengde Malleable Iron General Factory


SCE Co., Ltd


PRC-Wide Rate




Case Calendar for Antidumping Duty Investigation:



Petition Filed                                     

October 30, 2002

Initiation Deadline    

November 19, 2002

ITC Preliminary Determination

December 23, 2002

ITA Preliminary Determination

May 28, 2003

ITA Final Determination     

October 20, 2003

ITC Final Determination

December 4, 2003


December 11, 2003

*An order will be issued only in the event of a final affirmative determination from the Department and the International Trade Commission (ITC).


Import Statistics:





Volume (kg)




Value ($)




Source: U.S. ITC Trade DataWeb.

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