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Preliminary Determination in the Antidumping Investigation on Imports of
Tetrahydrofurfuryl Alcohol from the People’s Republic of China


On January 21, the Department announced its preliminary determination in the antidumping (AD) investigation on imports of tetrahydrofurfuryl alcohol (THFA) from the People’s Republic of China (PRC). We have preliminarily found that imports of THFA from the PRC were sold in the U.S. market at less than fair value, with margins of 31.33 percent.

 Next Steps: The Department will issue instructions to U.S. Customs and Border Protection to collect cash deposits or bonds at the appropriate rates (see below) for entries from the publication date of our preliminary determination (on or about January 28). After considering the comments of interested parties on its preliminary determination, the Department will issue its final determination in this investigation, currently scheduled for April 5.

 Petitioner: The petition requesting this investigation was filed by Penn Specialty Chemicals, Inc. (headquartered in Plymouth Meeting, PA, with a plant in Memphis, TN).

Product Description: For the purpose of this investigation, the product covered is tetrahydrofurfuryl alcohol (C5H10O2). THFA, a primary alcohol, is a clear, water white to pale yellow liquid. THFA is a member of the heterocyclic compounds known as furans and is miscible with water and soluble in many common organic solvents.

 THFA is currently classified in the Harmonized Tariff Schedules of the United States (HTSUS) under subheading 2932.13.00.00, which also includes merchandise outside the scope of this investigation. Although the HTSUS subheadings are provided for convenience and for the purposes of the U.S. Bureau of Customs and Border Protection, the Department's written description of the merchandise under review is dispositive.

 Case Calendar:



Petitions Filed

June 23, 2003

Initiation Date

July 14, 2003

ITC Preliminary Determination

August 8, 2003

ITA Preliminary Determination

January 20, 2004

ITA Final Determination

April 5, 2004

ITC Final Determination*

May 20, 2004

Signature of Order**

May 27, 2004

*An order is issued only in the event of final affirmative determinations from both the Department of Commerce and the International Trade Commission.


Preliminary Dumping Margins:



Qingdao Wenkem (F.T.Z.) Trading Co., Ltd.


PRC-wide rate



Import Statistics:





Quantity (MT)




Value ($)




Source: U.S. ITC Trade DataWeb for HTS 2932.13.00.00.

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