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    Working With Your Federal Team

    To administer each cooperative agreement, a project team is established including key personnel from the cooperator and ITA officials who can help the cooperator achieve MDCP project objectives. (If needed, officials from other federal agencies may be invited to participate in the project team.) Each project team acts as the project's "board of directors," establishing direction, recommending changes when necessary, and working on project activities.

    Project teams normally meet in-person every three to six months. In between these meetings, project teams usually coordinate via telephone or video conference. Cooperators based in the Washington, DC area sometimes meet in-person more often. Project team members, including the project team leader and other federal government team members, participate as appropriate in project activities. For example, in the past, ITA members of the project team have recruited for technical seminars, delivered presentations at seminars, and attended meetings where international standards are developed. Federal government members of the project team usually draw on separate government-administered funds to pay the costs associated with their participation.



    Suggested Team Meeting Topics:


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