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As noted on our Partner page, MDCP awards are cooperative agreements that establish a relationship between a cooperator, the federal team, and other partners. This combined project team coordinates regularly to ensure that project goals are met. Topic areas and links to resources are listed below. Most combined MDCP project teams find that these help them to ensure project success.

In addition to the items listed below, the federal team should be guided by the federal team leader monthly questionnaire (link available to ITA staff only).

A. Likely to be part of regular meeting agenda:

1. Coordination of upcoming project activities

2. Progress on project milestones (see Cooperator Basics regarding Quarterly Report Part B)

3. Firms signing the success agreements (see Cooperator Basics)

4. List of participants to ITA (see Cooperator Basics)

5. Review of export results (see Cooperator Basics regarding Quarterly Report Part B)

6. Resource spotlight

B. Topics that come up once per year or more:

1. Use of ITA emblem (see Cooperator Basics)

2. Success stories (see Cooperator Basics)

3. Fiscal year operating plan (see Cooperator Basics)

C. Other topics that may arise:

1. Change in scope (see Cooperator Basics)

2. Fees for some services

3. Other



Officials sign opening of product display center in China

State of California officials meet with industry and area specialists from ITA's Industry & Analysis and Global Markets/Commercial Service. Together they helped IT companies to participate in key trade shows in Europe and develop new foreign customers.

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